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Is Judge Aiken Endangering America?

By The Reverend Published: September 27, 2007


From the frontlines of the Great Battle to Destroy the American Constitution....

Two provisions of the USA Patriot Act are unconstitutional because they allow secret wiretapping and searches without a showing of probable cause, a federal judge ruled Wednesday.

U.S. District Judge Ann Aiken ruled that the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, as amended by the Patriot Act, "now permits the executive branch of government to conduct surveillance and searches of American citizens without satisfying the probable cause requirements of the Fourth Amendment." Link

What will wingnuts have to say about the ruling of this judge? Wingnuts from BoyKing to BoyKing wannabe Rudy Giuliani have been screaming to end probable cause for some time now, as they wage their war against the Constitution.

And since FISA is involved in this ruling, I wonder if Mike McConnell, Director of National Intelligence, will continue to ask for get out of jail free cards for all telecommunications companies who assisted, and are still assisting, in a widespread conspiracy to deny Americans probable cause rights.

Or.....whether this judge will be villified by the usual suspect wingers and then declared a Bush "enemy combatant" and interrogated in an enhanced manner in order to find out why Judge Aiken supports the terrorists.

After all, which would you rather have? Probable cause rights or the total destruction of the United States? It's one or the other. Wingnuts can understand how dangerous our Constitution really is. I mean, all those probable cause rights won't help you if you're dead.

And all this on the heels of a ruling earlier this month declaring the FBI's National Security Letters unconstitutional. Story found here.

Can you believe it? It must be an organized and declared jihad by judges against those who want to protect us, huh? Don't any of these judges know we have just recently started the War of All Wars That Have Ever Been Warred, and that it will last a Very, Very, Very Long Time? Don't judges like this know that the

big boondoggle to distribute money to cronies Homeland Security Department is trying their best to keep us safe? And what about Homeland Security Employees? Won't they be demoralized by rulings like Judge Aiken's? Chertoff's group is trying to empty the Treasury trying to save America but when judges rule in favor of the terrorists, it must make the Department of Homeland Security sad and demoralized, don't you think?

I guess the judiciary just doesn't understand that "freedom is not free" and that the Constitution, according to the Dear Leader, is simply "a goddamn piece of paper". How many Islamic suiciders are ya' gonna' defeat with "a goddamned piece of paper", huh? How many?



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