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Is Rudy Giuliani "Like A Witchdoctor"?

By The Reverend Published: August 25, 2007


Hey, I didn't say it....this guy did....not the guy in the picture...this guy...

Retired Lieut. General William Odom was director of the National Security Agency under Ronald Reagan from 1985 to 1988. He calls Giuliani's terrorism rhetoric "the most delightful thing that al-Qaeda could want." And he laments that Giuliani isn't showing the stoicism he displayed on 9/11. "We need a President who cools it," says Odom, a senior fellow with the conservative Hudson Institute. As for Giuliani's analogy to the cold war, a period Odom knows rather well, he is unimpressed. "Jihadism is a mosquito bite compared to communism," he says. "Anybody who talks about terrorism this way is like a witch doctor." Source

....counterterrorism experts interviewed by Time cited Giuliani's campaign rhetoric as a cause for concern. He frequently conflates different threats, from Iraqi insurgents to al-Qaeda to Iran, into one monolithic dark force. He routinely compares the terrorism threat to the Holocaust and the cold war. In one 15-min. phone interview in August, Giuliani compared the terrorism threat with Nazism or communism six times.

Here's another article pointing out Rudy's 'over the top' scare rhetoric.

Is this what the Republican Party stands for now? Does their candidate for president have to be the guy who can instill a sufficient amount of fear in the hearts of their voters?

It reminds me of accounts I've read about early Christian groups. In some of the early gatherings in honor of Jesus, an elder or leader would shake a bag of bones, alleged to be the remains of a "saint", to help instill reverence and obedience in fellow believers.

Is that kind of like what Rudy is doing? Is he shaking the 'bones' of 9-11 hoping to squeeze out just a bit more obedience from inside the voting booth?

Doesn't Rudy Giuliani know that all that witchdoctor stuff is just so pre-9-11-2001.....B.C.?



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