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Is That A Rotting, Stinking Corpse Or National Security?

By The Reverend Published: September 19, 2007


Before Mike McConnell became Director of National Intelligence, Tim Shorrock wrote a very informative piece at Salon about the man. The piece is found here and it deserves a read. I'll tell you why at the end of this post. Here are some tidbits....

(J. Michael) McConnell, a retired vice admiral and former director of the National Security Agency, is the current director of defense programs at Booz Allen Hamilton.


About half of the rapidly expanding annual intelligence budget, or more than $20 billion, now goes to outside firms.


And in a relationship that has been completely missed in media coverage of his appointment, McConnell is the chairman of the Intelligence and National Security Alliance, the primary business association of NSA and CIA contractors. As INSA chairman, I've been told, McConnell is presiding over an initiative to enhance ties between the intelligence agencies and their contractors and domestic law enforcement agencies.


Between 1997 and 2002, according to a recent report by the American Civil Liberties Union, Booz Allen was awarded more than $63 million worth of TIA (Total Information Awareness) contracts. Last Friday, Newsweek reported that McConnell was a "key figure" in making Booz Allen, along with SAIC, the prime contractors on the project.


Contracting has now become so ubiquitous in intelligence that the DNI itself is complaining. "Increasingly, the IC [intelligence community] finds itself in competition with its contractors for our own employees," the DNI wrote in an unclassified report on personnel policies released last June. "[T]hose same contractors recruit our own employees, already cleared and trained at government expense, and then 'lease' them back to us at considerably greater expense." Link

McConnell testified before Congress again yesterday. This is what today's NY Times says about that testimony....

Mr. McConnell argued on Tuesday that the expanded surveillance powers granted under the temporary measure should be made permanent.

He also pushed for a provision that would grant legal immunity to the telecommunications companies that secretly cooperated with the N.S.A. on the warrantless program. Those companies, now facing lawsuits, have never been officially identified. Link

McConnell is the same guy who did his damnest last month, and succeeded, in scaring Democrats into approving illegal activity, spying on Americans in that case, by the president. Now he's back with the Decider in his shadow, just like with Petraeus last week, to tell us all how if telecommunications companies are not given blanket amnesty for willfully violating law, America will be oh-so-much-less-safe than before.

Lobbying for Lawlessness, that's what I call it. The CEO president has attempted to politicize and privatize everything in order to funnel as many tax dollars as possible into the hands of crony capitalist crooks, McConnell himself having one foot in each camp.

This is what passes for governance now within Republican political circles. Connected cronies toggle back and forth between public and private positions, advocating for conflict of interest national wars of aggression and other Constitutional violations all for the sake of draining the Treasury to benefit said cronies. Then when caught with their hand in the cookie jar.....they advocate for making stealing cookies for all parties concerned, legal. On top of this obviously anti-American horsesh*t, these same players add insult to lawbreaking by audaciously telling Americans the big bad terrists will get us if the communications companies aren't handed blanket amnesties for their complicity.

This rotten, stinking, and putrid corpse is all that's left of our intelligence, military and foreign policies and practices.

Neo-conservative's and the Knee Padders who love them, point to that disgusting corpse, the very essence of why America is currently failing, and shakes their pom-poms shouting about how that rancid corpse will keep us all safe.



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