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Is That The Fat Lady I Hear Singing?

By The Reverend Published: January 6, 2008


I know conservatives will not like the following description of their major political party's presidential candidates and what is happening to the Party of Lincoln......but......after watching the GOP presidential candidates, this time in ABC's New Hampshire "debate".....there's only one conclusion I can come to......the fat lady is at the microphone.


The GOP money boys are behind Romney. He's the guy who's the closest to guaranteeing, if elected, that more and more American wealth will go to those who really deserve it......the already wealthy. The GOP, despite all the notions set forth to confuse, is simply the political party of the wealthy. Romney, worth some $250 million, and straight out of the financial world conservatives adore and the wealthy elites designated hitter. But sadly for these wealthy elites, Mitt is a Mormon and is so plastic of personality that he belongs in a recycle bin.

Mike Huckabee is the evangelical Christian's choice. He will bring Jesus front and center to American government, where the Christianists believe he belongs. States that are heavy with evangelical voters will vote in large numbers for Preacher Mike. A good portion of America is backward on scientific things, like evolution and such......but that portion is, thankfully, not large enough to have its way.

John McCain, the veteran and Bush-like warmonger in the bunch, doesn't have the support of the GOP money machine. He voted against Bush's tax cuts and then, of course, as talk radio cretins continually remind us, he's all for "amnesty" in the immigration issue. McCain, historically a favorite among "independents", is seeing his "base" being siphoned off to the Obama candidacy. No matter that McCain is experiencing a "surge" primarily caused by frenetic conservative voters skipping from one candidate to another, trying to find one who is "electable". McCain's typical voters have compared the 71 year old's cranky and throwback authoritarianism to Barak Obama's youthful inspiration and......Barak is their choice.

Giuliani is a freak and an embarassment. Something New Yorkers have known for quite awhile. Now the nation knows. If his almost science-fiction like smile isn't seen again on teevee for will be too soon. His collapse in the polls tells me many Americans agree.

Ron Paul has no support from any traditional GOP coalition partner. Everytime Paul speaks the truth about foreign policy, the folly of pre-emption, the sanctity of the Constitution, he is slapped down by the neo-conservative nuts in the bunch. Ron Paul, truly, is the only one of the GOP candidates who isn't unAmerican in his viewpoints. The conservative establishment simply will not allow a guy like Paul to represent them.

Fred Thompson, like Giuliani, is an embarassment.....and have you ever seen any candidate so indifferent? Thompson is the first candidate I've ever seen who is running because his trophy wife put "run for president" on his Honey-Do list. He has NOTHING to offer America.

The conservative movement is in shambles. Divided. Unfocused. Drifting aimlessly. Grasping, then releasing, one faulty GOP candidate after another. I wish I could feel conservatives' pain. Alas, I can't.

The Republican Party candidates reflect the decrepit condition conservatism is now in. It has no credibility left. Every so-called tenet of the conservative doctrine has been exposed as nothing more than a sham. While Newt Gingrich and Tom DeLay were boasting and ram-rodding their great Republican "permanent majority" plan down Americans throats....and while Junior Bush, Karl Rove and the usual neo-con suspects were puffing out their chests and pointing their fingers in ridicule towards progressives, taunting them, mocking them, and demonizing them.....the nation has been slowly but surely rejecting their hypocrisy, their corruption, their deception, their greedy cynicism, their intolerance and hate.

Change takes time.

It's time.

Barak Obama will haul away the rotted corpse of this conservative movement and deposit it in the dumpster of history where, hopefully, it will serve as an ongoing reminder of one of the lowest points in American history.

Long live the new American progressive era.



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