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Is The Beacon Now Justifying Racism?

By The Reverend Published: May 16, 2008

Picture of a "full-blooded American".


Wow. And I mean wow.

First, today's Akron Beacon Journal has a George Will column entitled.....are you ready for this?...."The Housing Crisis That Never Was". Yep. Sure to be a comfort to so many area folks who've been thinking that losing their house to foreclosure is a personal family "crisis". Not to worry, Will's not. Hard to imagine WHY Beacon editors chose such a "let them eat cake", "why are you whining because you lost your house".....kind of column....but there it is.

It gets worse.

The lovely and slyly wingnutty Kathleen Parker appears on the same page with the Bowtie Boy, George Will, today. Her column should have never been reprinted in the Beacon, or ANY other newspaper, for that matter. It's that despicable. Her column today would be more fitting in a white supremacist handout.

Playing off some random racist comment by a 24 year old West Virginia kid, Parker takes the opportunity to bash American citizens who weren't born on American soil and Americans whose "bloodline" isn't pure, seeking to defend the indefensible: a separate and unequal way of defining American patriotism.

''A full-blooded American.''

That's how 24-year-old Josh Fry of West Virginia described his preference for John McCain over Barack Obama. His feelings aren't racist, he explained. He would just be more comfortable with ''someone who is a full-blooded American as president.''

Whether Fry was referring to McCain's military service or Obama's Kenyan father isn't clear, but he may have hit upon something essential in this presidential race.

Kathleen Parker is being coy when she says it isn't "clear" whether this young kid was referring to the military service of McCain or the mixed bloodline of Obama when he uses the veiled racist comment, "full blooded American". Ms. Parker chose this kid's words BECAUSE they can be specifically applied to Barack Obama's biological beginnings. See...Obama isn't quite a "full-blooded American" because, though born in Hawaii, his bloodline wasn't "full" like, say, John McCain's. How else could such ignorant ramblings be understood other than.... Obama had a BLACK father and a WHITE mother and that makes Obama less than a "full-blooded American".

This primitive KKK style ignorance, still alive and well within certain far-right regions of extreme Christianity, has no place in the pages of what used to be a respectable newspaper. The Beacon editors should be ashamed. Perhaps it is all because Hillary, (endorsed by the ABJ), will not be the Democratic candidate this fall. Whatever the reason, there's no excuse.

What I didn't know about Kathleen Parker was..... she's a contortionist. Witness her twisted up mental processes...

"Full-bloodedness is an old coin that's gaining currency in the new American realm. Meaning: Politics may no longer be so much about race and gender as about heritage, core values and made-in-America. Just as we once and still have a cultural divide in this country, we now have a patriot divide."

"Full bloodedness", (not Obama's mixed bloodline according to the deceptive Parker), is, instead, a reference to "heritage, core values and made-in-America" and a "patriot divide". What the hell?

Then it means...

"Who ''gets'' America? And who doesn't?"

..and then it all means...

"It's about blood equity, heritage and commitment to hard-won American values. And roots."

What, pray tell, is "blood equity"? Though difficult to follow such disconnected and veiled racist justification ramblings, in context it would appear that sly Kathleen means if you are an American and do not have pure, unmixed-with-mongrels blood flowing through your veins, chances are, you don't "get" American patriotism. Patriotism by blood purity. Could it be any clearer?

No longer is it "give me your tired....your huddled masses...". Now, according to separate and unequal Kathleen Parker, it's become "give me your pure-bred whites." According to this favorite of the Beacon, American patriotism concerns itself with pure-bred whites, the American inheritance left to us by white men and whether your roots (reference to the teevee series?) are firmly attached to historic white culture.

....."there is a very real sense that once-upon-a-time America is getting lost in the dash to diversity."

...."there's a different sense of America among those who trace their bloodlines back through generations of sacrifice."

Self-evident, isn't it? Kathleen Parker believes that our "dash to diversity", a racial comment if I've ever seen one, is somehow diluting our once proud and patriotic white "bloodlines". That's what the 24 year old West Virginia kid was getting at with his "full-blooded American" ignorance.

One more Parker paragraph.....because this is all making me nauseous.....

Some Americans do feel antipathy toward ''people who aren't like them,'' but that antipathy isn't about racial or ethnic differences. It is not necessary to repair antipathy appropriately directed toward people who disregard the laws of the land and who dismiss the struggles that resulted in their creation. Link

Shocking really, but Kathleen Parker, while going about justifying pure white bloodline American racism, actually denies that any of this racist "antipathy" is based on .....race. Instead, Parker says, there's nothing to "repair" when hateful intolerance is exhibited by whites towards "people who aren't like them". Why? Because these less-than-pure-white-full-blooded-Americans are simply lawless and don't appreciate what the white American true patriots have done for them.

I "get" what Parker is do American white supremacist groups.

UPDATE: Looks like Glennzilla agrees with The Reverend on Ms. Parker...

In one of the most repellent columns one will ever read, syndicated columnist Kathleen Parker defended Fry's claim that Obama is something other than "a full-blooded American." Advancing an argument that Atrios guest blogger aimai aptly described as "Ein Volk, ein Reich, ein Führer!," Parker said "we now have a patriot divide" in America that "has nothing to do with a flag lapel pin . . . or even military service."


Obama's grandfather fought in World War II -- for America -- and enormous numbers of people who are something other than "white Americans" have fought in one American war after the next. But never mind that. These arguments about "bloodlines" are Parker's reasons why Obama shouldn't be President and why he's not a "full-blooded American."

Today, The Washington Post has invited the very same Kathleen Parker onto its Op-Ed page to share her views on the Democratic candidates,....Link

Must be that liberal media thing.



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