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Is "The Credibility of the Beacon Being Destroyed"?

By The Reverend Published: September 29, 2007


Well, hell, I take exception to the idea set forth by this blogger that the Plain Dealer has better bloggers than the Beacon. Some of what he says....

The Beacon brings on two unknowns to blog anonymously, "Political Guru", "All da King's Men" and "Blog of Mass Destruction". A cursory inspection seems to indicate that da King actually writes in English, giving him a big leg up over the apparently defunct Political Guru. As far as the Blog of Mass Destruction goes, the only thing being destroyed is the credibility of the Beacon for giving space to someone who couldn't make the grade as a Kos Diarist. Mass Destruction's latest effort is to express amazement that anyone could object to providing legitimacy to someone like Ahmadinejad...someone busy pursuing the acquisition of nuclear weapons, exporting terrorists, actively seeking a "final solution" for Israel, and seeking to convert most of the middle east into proxy states like Syria. And that's just the short list. Link

As for the admission (unintended) by this person that he/she is part of "the stupid, stupid people" I referred to in my original post, who acted like children in reaction to Admadinejab, and apparently are still acting like's a special gift about genuinely mature leaders....

Khrushchev disembarked from his plane at Andrews Air Force Base to a 21-gun salute and a receiving line of 63 officials and bureaucrats, ending with President Eisenhower. He rode 13 miles with Ike in an open limousine to his guest quarters across from the White House. Then he met for two hours with Ike and his foreign policy team. Then came a white-tie state dinner. (The Soviets then put one on at the embassy for Ike.) [...]

Had America suddenly succumbed to a fever of weak-kneed appeasement? Had the general running the country ... the man who had faced down Hitler! ... proven himself what the John Birch Society claimed he was: a conscious agent of the Communist conspiracy?

No. Nikita Khrushchev simply visited a nation that had character. That was mature, well-adjusted. A nation confident we were great. Link

Now "The Boring Made Dull" blogger can go ahead and change his/her wet pants. Just reading about Nikita Kruschev, whose country was, you know, actually a threat, probably frightened that poor blogger into a pre-emptive urinary strike.



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