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It's 2003 All Over Again

By The Reverend Published: September 13, 2007


Ahhh....those gloriously patriotic days leading up to the Decider's decision to warn the U.N. inspectors to get out of Iraq so he could begin the long awaited quagmire. Remember those great days when White House and media deception spread like the smell of napalm every morning? All that seemed to really matter to "journalists" and politicians during those memorable times was that the Commander Guy was going to continue to kill Muslims. Great times, those.

Hey, if you enjoyed those days....guess what?....those days are back. Deception and disinformation and....dare I say the "L" word....yes, I'll dare....THE LIES....they are all, once again, front and center thanks to the same hopelessly corrupt media and politicians who were responsible for producing the original disastrous Iraq screenplay of 2003.

This time the BIG LIE obediently repeated by the Knee Pad Media, including front page headlining by our own Beacon Journal the other day, is that Commander, Decider and Glorious Gladiator Bush is willing to concede a troop withdrawal from Iraq over the next 8-9 months. The media, doing their damnest to not offend the worst president in history, stenographically repeat this lie in exactly the same fashion as they did the White House lies that led us into the imperialistic act of aggression in the first place.

It's all a well choregraphed and practiced Hollywood style weeklong blitz to allow the neo-conservative criminals to continue their cancerous tumor war of choice, this time, against the will of the American people.

President Bush is set to ask the country for more time to let success bloom in Iraq even as the assassination of a Sunni sheik who revolted against al-Qaida sent a chilling reminder of the pervasive instability there.


The day after his televised address from the Oval Office...expected to last 18 minutes...Bush is expected to reinforce the message with remarks from a Marine base in Quantico, Va., just outside Washington, and with the White House's release of an Iraq status report required by Congress.

Bush can't find a favorable audience for his

bullshit rhetoric anywhere but at military bases or the like, so that's why the White House Producers of this media event will 'flood the zone', as it were....

As part of the administration's public relations push to sell the Iraq policy, Vice President Dick Cheney planned to travel to the Gerald R. Ford Presidential Museum in Michigan and MacDill Air Force Base in Florida. Iraq also was chosen as the topic for Bush's weekly Saturday radio address, and administration officials were being offered to television networks for Sunday news show appearances

But what of the BIG LIE that Bush is conceding to a reduction of troops? Is he really "budging" on his policy?

The president's latest approach matches Petraeus' recommendations for the force posture. What Bush is endorsing, however, represents only a slight hastening of the already scheduled end of the so-called surge.

Planned troop rotations call for the first of the additional troops sent this year to come back starting next spring, with all of them home by the end of next summer. That could change only if Bush and his team extend tour lengths or shorten home leave for replacements.

"It creates and provides an illusion of change in an effort to take the wind out of the sails of those of us who want to truly change course in Iraq," said Sen. Carl Levin, D-Mich., chairman of the Armed Services Committee.

Of course, Carl Levin wants to "embolden the enemy"....why else would he say the Dear Leader and his Leadees are constructing an "illusion" with this troop reduction stuff?

What about that bastion of America's protectors, the Knee Pad Brigade? Surely, they won't allow more Bush lies to slip through the cracks like they did leading up to the original invasion? Right? I mean, the very serious and honest and truthful and patriotic MSM will tell Americans that all this troop reduction was going to happen anyway, won't they?

....a September 12 Washington Post article uncritically reported that "White House aides" said "the president plans to emphasize that he is in a position to order troop cuts only because of the success achieved on the ground in Iraq." Similarly, in a September 12 article, USA Today reported that, according to "senior administration officials," "[t]he final number [of troops withdrawn] will be based on security conditions at the time." But neither article mentioned that during his September 11 testimony to the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, Petraeus stated that the "active brigade combat teams were going to come out of" Iraq anyway and that, during his testimony to the Senate Armed Services Committee the same day, he said that "the strain on the force ... was very much one that informed the recommendations" to withdraw U.S. troops from Iraq. Link

In a truly WTF moment.....a "surge" of troops into Iraq, in itself only a political stalling tactic, has become the successful reason for now calling for a reduction in troops from Iraq. When the actual reason for the reduction is simply the natural course of troop rotations.

It's as a pundit put it last night on the teevee....."Bush is dropping an apple and taking credit for gravity".

But to those great protectors of truth and the American way, you know who I'm talking about, this is all a sign that the Dear Warrior Leader, the Leader who has been rejected by 2/3 of America's voters, in an act of Great and Thoughtful Deliberation, is responding to the Wonderful and Undeniable Success Warrior Leader's "surge" has been.

And people actually wonder why I use swear words.

But heard about that bad, bad and what they did......didn't you?



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