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It's All Over For Hillary

By The Reverend Published: May 7, 2008

The fact that Hillary Clinton canceled all her public appearances today speaks volumes. As I watched and listened to her speech late last night, she appeared sedated. Her words, though not slurred, were spoken oddly. She knows it's over.

Barack Obama, much to the Knee Padders' and the Akron Beacon Journal editorial staff's chagrin, blew out North Carolina......AND kept it very close, too close to call for much of the evening, Indiana.

After last night's count is added to the cumulative running total....there's now no possible way for Hillary to win, outright, the Democratic nomination. It's impossible, not virtually impossible, but completely impossible for Hillary to catch up in either pledged delegate or popular vote counts....and that includes a potential Michigan and Florida seating of delegates. It's over. Mrs. Clinton said last night would be a "gamechanger". The only game it changed was hers. She's now lost her valiant, though hopelessly flawed, bid to become president.

Though she claimed victory in her speech from Indiana last night, the other parts of her talk were muddled and confused,.....saying she will be fighting all the way to the other moments saying she would help bring the Democratic Party together to defeat John McShame in November.

I feel just a bit downhearted for Hillary Clinton. She definitely is a fighter. However, it is also true that she and her husband cut their teeth on Lee Atwater-Karl Rove politicking and never looked back....and now it's all the Clinton's know. America, because of George W. Bush's utter failure and criminality, have moved to a post Karl Rove position. America is not buying the bull crap anymore.

I've mentioned several times that all the bull crap wasn't going to work this time. It didn't work last night in Indiana or North Carolina. Americans are rising to the occasion, dismissing the nonsensical misdirections over trivialities and smear by association tactics.

Despite the solemn tone, almost death-like from the Knee Padders last night, there's much to be excited and hopeful about with the prospect of an Obama presidency. Even though the David Gregorys and the Brian Williams and the Brit Humes will continue to service John McCain and the GOP base against Obama.....last night, at least, the smart-ass grins and smart-ass comments favoring establishment powers weren't as prevalent.

There will be no Obama-Clinton ticket, either. At one juncture awhile back I joked that the Republicans better hope the Democrats don't run an Obama-Clinton ticket......the GOP defeat would be...ummm....extremely humiliating.....but that isn't going to happen.

The Democrats now have a clear winner and the only remaining questions left for Barack Obama are, who will his VP be, and how badly he will trounce McShame this fall.

So please conservatives, Knee Padders, The Beacon.....spin away. Talk race and Wright and Ayers and Muslim names and flag pins and all the rest.....knock yourselves out.......stay planted in the old 20th century juvenile politicking garden. The only embarassment will be brought on yourselves.



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