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It's Not About Law And Order, It's About Race

By The Reverend Published: August 17, 2014

(Missouri Governor) Nixon said Saturday that the state will not allow a handful of looters to endanger the community and that there must be calm if justice is to be served. The curfew will run from midnight to 5 a.m.

Why was it necessary to invoke a curfew after tensions had eased somewhat?

Tensions in Ferguson flared late Friday after police released the name of the officer who fatally shot 18-year-old Michael Brown and documents alleging Brown robbed a store before he died.

The question I have is....why did Ferguson law enforcement officials release a security camera video of Michael Brown taking cigars and roughing up a convenience store attendant?

Ferguson police had been warned by the U.S. Justice Department not to release the convenience store video....

...the federal Justice Department did not want the video to be released, telling the police there that it would only inflame racial tensions.

A law enforcement source told CNN that Ferguson police actually wanted to release the video one day earlier on Thursday, but held off because of objections by the Justice Department.

It is now clear that the officer who shot and killed Brown did not know at the time of the incident that Brown had stolen cigars or roughed up a store attendant. So, what was the point in releasing the convenient store security video?

The answer is ugly, I'm afraid. I don't see how one can avoid the obvious here. In releasing the video, Ferguson law enforcement officials were attempting to demonize Brown, in effect, excusing or justifying his murder. A similar effort took place after an unarmed Trayvon Martin was murdered.

Pressured by media and Ferguson citizens to release the name of the officer who murdered Brown.....police officials there finally complied on Friday, but not without also releasing the security video in what I regard as a big f*ck you to critics and the Obama Justice Department.

There is an obvious racial element in what's taking place in Ferguson. Here is a comment by one Ferguson policeman to protestors....

"Bring it, all you f*cking animals! Bring it!" the officer said in the exchange.

Sure, post-racial Supreme Court Justices might think all the muss and fuss over racial inequality and discrimination are behind us.....but Supreme Court Justices don't live in the real American world, do they? They are cloistered ivory tower citizens.

Yes, the militarization of our police forces after 9-11 is a serious problem. But a community where two out of every three citizens is black.....and whose police force has 53 officers, only three of whom are black.....has a racial problem.

I believe that it is racial animus that explains the release of the convenient store incident. Ferguson officials WANTED black citizens to respond in anger and the hopes that accusations of blame directed towards police would be diverted to all those "f*cking animals."

But the big f*ck you to the Justice Department warning over releasing the video went above and beyond normal racial hatred. I can just imagine the demonic glee of officials making the decision to release the security camera video in defiance of the DOJ request. They would show that black Obama and that black Attorney General who makes decisions in Ferguson, by god.

Quite frankly, I think that Ferguson officials, in their dismissiveness of the DOJ warning, were communicating, like the Confederates of old, that they would handle their Negroes any damn way they pleased. No big government Washington Yankees, and especially black ones, were going to tell them what to do.

Our political polarization these past number of years has divided the states along familiar North-South lines. Organized obstruction by federal Republicans has successfully negated most legislative abilities of Congress. That leaves state government.

And in red states, conservatives are taking their country back, one state at a time. Similar to how southern states took their country back, or so they thought, one secession at a time.

Hopefully, responsible people in all states will learn something from the tragic situation in Ferguson, Missouri. However, listening to Foxian bloviators bring the hate in the wake of the tense situation in Ferguson......just as they did after Trayvon was murdered.....leaves me feeling less than hopeful.



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