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It's Not What Renacci Says, It's What He Did

By The Reverend Published: July 2, 2014

I live in the 16th U.S. District of Ohio. It is one of many redrawn Ohio districts purposely manipulated to dilute Democratic votes. The current U.S. Representative of the 16th District is GOP Rep. Jim Renacci. Earlier this year, Mr. Renacci came to Suffield Township (The Reverend lives in Brimfield Twp) for a quick chat-and-go session. I attended. You know me....I couldn't keep quiet during the Q& I challenged the Republican. His answers were misleading and disingenuous.....just like his answers have been over charges that he was paid-to-play in the Ben Suarez criminal case.

Last week, just as the Suarez case was reaching completion, I received an expensive looking foldout piece in the mail of Renacci propaganda argle-bargling some nonsense about how much Renacci cares about seniors in his district. It was an obvious ploy seeking to counter the bad publicity Renacci was getting over his connection to Suarez.

Interestingly, the mailer was a ploy the Wadsworth politician has used before....this is from 2011....

We just received a full-color piece of mail sent by Rep. Jim Renacci, “prepared, published, and mailed at taxpayer expense” (under the congressional franking privilege, of course). This was essentially a campaign piece, full of distortions and misrepresentations meant to scare senior citizens — and to get him re-elected next year.

In the Suarez case, Renacci swears up and down that he did nothing wrong or unseemly.....but then he would, wouldn't he? The issue is not what Renacci says...but what Renacci DID.

Congressman Jim Renacci wrote a 2011 letter to Ohio Gov. John Kasich on behalf of Suarez Corporation Industries about the same time the company's employees made $90,000 in questionable donations to Renacci's re-election campaign.

The Wadsworth Republican’s letter urged Kasich to contact California Gov. Jerry Brown to intervene in a legal dispute that Suarez, a North Canton direct marketing company, was having in California.

“It appears as if several District Attorneys in California may have been abusing the privilege of their office by filing repeated frivolous and baseless lawsuits, costing constituents of ours millions in settlements and attorney’s fees,” Renacci’s letter said.

“While I support tort reform and the elimination of frivolous lawsuits filed solely to elicit a settlement, I also recognize that these issues are best left to the states,” the March 29, 2011 letter continues. “Accordingly, I urge you to contact Governor Brown to share our concerns with this matter and work together to find a commonsense solution that protects American and Ohioan businesses and jobs.”

That's, apparently, what $90,000 in order-up, campaign donations will get you if you are a big campaign donor to Jim Renacci. Suarez paid....Renacci played.

Sure, Renacci refused to introduce a bill in Congress on Suarez's behalf...but then, that would have been too obvious, right? But no voter in Renacci's district should misunderstand what happened between Suarez and Renacci. Renacci acted upon the receipt of all those tens of thousands of dollars of donations from Suarez.

I'm no lawyer.....but I'm no dummy either. Renacci's behavior is evidence of corruption. And here's a genuine attorney saying the same thing 3 weeks ago....

As Akron's former prosecutor, I know the discomfort of being questioned for prosecutions of people with wealth and power. The rich cannot be allowed to buy immunity if we are to maintain our democracy. Renacci is one of the wealthiest members of the U.S. House of Representatives with $30 million and may have wealthy friends. However, Renacci should not use his office to interfere with the
investigations of friends who donate to his campaign coffers. Douglas J Powley

You should fully understand at this point that what was supposed to be a government of, for and by the People has been reduced now to a government of, for and by the rich few. The same campaign funding illegalities that Jack Abramoff served time in prison for.....fraudulent money laundering "bundling" of campaign donations.....were entirely excused as normal operating procedure in the Suarez case. That is not a sign of progress.

It is still the case, however, that Jim Renacci epitomizes all that is wrong with our nation's alleged democracy. A multi-millionaire representing a district where constituents are overwhelmingly lower and average middle class. Renacci, no matter how many four color glossies of propaganda he sends out, can't even relate to the daily-life problems Ohio's 16th district constituents experience.

Copley Democrat, Pete Crossland, will be Renacci's opponent in November. Write Crossland's name down.....and plan now on voting for him. Jim Renacci's willingness to welcome schemes of corruption and act on pay-to-play proposals by sleazy snake-oil selling slicksters is all the evidence needed to justify sending him back to Wadsworth. Ohio's 16th district deserves much better than Jim Renacci.



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