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It's The 'Public Position' Application Of The Shag Security Rules

By The Reverend Published: December 10, 2007


Rudy Giuliani is a funny guy. I gotta' give him that.

How is it possible, honestly, to not laugh at a man who says stuff like this about why New York City had to foot the bill for mistress security services while he was a married mayor. From yesterday's Press the Meat with Timmy Russert....

Asked whether it would be appropriate for a president to provide taxpayer-funded security for a mistress, Giuliani said it would not. But he said "that isn't the right way to analyze it" in his case.

"The reality is it all came about because of my public position," Giuliani said. "The New York city police department has rules, they apply the rules. They apply it exactly the same way as they always apply it."

"I did not make the judgment. I didn't ask for it. Judith didn't particularly want it," he said. "It was done because they took the view that it was serious and that it had to be done this way." Link

Mr Mayor, you know, the guy who knows how to lead, the guy who has written a book on leadership, the 9-11 leader of all leaders......"did not make the judgment".....when it came to providing tax payer subsidized security for the woman he was having sexual relations with outside of his marriage. The cops were just following the "rules", simply applying the "rules", in the same way they always apply the "rules".

Which leads me to the humorous part.

What kind of rules does New York City have? They sound interesting. The "rules" Rudy was NOT responsible for "applying" while he was boffing his mistress must state that city official's girlfriends receive the same security services as city official's wives. In Rudy's case the "rules" dictated simultaneous for girlfriend and wife at the same time and all paid for with tax money. Now, those are some interesting "rules" that Rudy was NOT responsible for "applying".

Russert's question to the great New York 9-11 Leader, who was NOT responsible for "applying" the New York City "rules" on city official's mistresses' security,.....was..... Is this all "appropriate"? which Rudy injected the punchline, "that isn't the right way to analyze it". It would seem to the average Joe American that the word "appropriate" would need addressing here, you know, given the context and all. But Rudy says no.....the word "appropriate" shouldn't come up in this discussion, rather, the word "analyze" should.

According to the Napolean wannabe, the correct way to "analyze" it would be to recognize Rudy's "public position". Missionary, doggie, spoon...?

Let's go ahead and "analyze" the issue from Rudy's "reality". It would seem to this Reverend that upon "analyzing" the mistress-while-married security "reality", paid for by taxpayer money, from Rudy's point of view here, that Washington D.C. politicians, as well as mayors and governors all over the country need to be informed that when and if they are, you know, screwing somebody else other than their wives or dollars are available for the screwee's security. It's the "rules". That would qualify as "analyzing", no?

Rudy couldn't do anything about the "rules"....I'm tempted to say "his hands were tied", but I won't....anyway....the same must be true about any other randy "public position" leader out their who needs a bit of strange but is oh-so-worried about the "reality" of the strangee's security in between sessions. Compassion for strangees being what it is.

Who knew about these "rules"? See how helpful Giuliani is trying to be here? He's attempting to provide a kind of public service announcement benefit for those many "public positions" leaders out there who would just love to get a little on the side, are deeply concerned about the security, you know, back and forth from motels and whatnot, and haven't yet heard about the "rules" that "apply" in these delicate situations. These horny adulterer wannabes can now take heart. Their concerns, thanks to Rudy's help, can now be put to rest. They can now boff away without having to worry about any of the fine print stuff that swirls around security, dog walking, hotel/motel costs, etc. Now they can boff away with a clean and clear conscience. Talk about

release relief.

Can you see now why Rudy is called a great leader? I know I can. All that leadership from such a little guy with a Viagra prescription.

Leaders don't decide whether this stuff is "appropriate". The "rules" do.

And one thing I've learned as a Reverend.....Republican traditional moral values leaders, nationwide, follow the "rules".

Watch the entire Press the Meat (especially fitting title this recent Sunday) with Rudy segment on video here.



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