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It Started With Reagan

By The Reverend Published: December 13, 2008

It now appears that George W. Bush will try to shore up his totally failed presidency by doing the right thing vis-a-vis the Big Three automakers. It seems he will tap the exisiting TARP funds to bridge-loan $14 BILLION for GM and Chrysler. Good for him. Lord knows there hasn't been much to praise during the Bush-Cheney regime. W., if indeed he finds a way to loan carmakers the money, will prove that he is at least more sensible and humane than the red-necks-from-red-states in the Senate.

From last night's Countdown, David Shuster spoke with Thom Hartmann from Air America Radio about this issue. The 5 minute clip below is good throughout, however, it's the last 30 seconds where Hartmann strikes the nail on it's head...

It bears repeating....."When Reagan took office in 1981, America was the largest exporter of goods, the largest importer of raw materials (to make goods), and the largest creditor in the world ( we loaned money to others). Today, America is the largest importer of goods, largest exporter of raw materials (the very definition of a third world country) and the largest debtor in the world. This is the direct consequence of 28 years of Reaganomics."

For 200 years America was the most powerful and successful industrialized nation in the world.....then Ronald Reagan brought his extreme economic policies to Washington.

Republicans in the Senate want to follow in the foosteps of their Dear Leader, Ronnie. Reagan began his regime as president by busting up the air traffic controller's union.......he never looked back. Today's GOP footsoldiers in Reagan's 'revolution' are still looking to bust unions, even if in so doing this time, 3 million people lose their jobs and the country falls into a full scale economic depression.

Hartmann is correct in saying that the Republican Party sees unions as supporters of the enemy. Unions not only support the Democratic Party, but they actively do so. For GOP Senators, destroying the autoworkers' union is regarded as political self-preservation. After all, Father Reagan blazed the trail.

Radical ideology, especially radical ideology which has failed so tragically right before our eyes in the financial crisis, has led it's proponents to shamelessly attempt to destroy the little that remains of a once successful industrialized country. It's maddening.

Kudos to George W. Bush for recognizing that, this time, the ideology of Father Ronnie must be set aside.

Footnote: Bill Clinton, and too many Democrats, in the 90's, rode the Reagan ideological wagon towards disaster. Clinton "triangulated" with the Reaganites, sometimes for just reasons. But overall, Clinton's presidency added to the problem that Thom Hartmann laid out in the video clip. You know, I don't want to be accused of being partisan.



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