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"It Works"

By The Reverend Published: July 24, 2009

There was G.Gordon Liddy on my teevee screen last night telling me that there's a deposition by Barack Obama's step-grandmother swearing that Barack was born in a Kenyan hospital or clinic. I don't know why Liddy didn't bring a copy of the deposition with him.

Liddy, a convicted felon from the Watergate glory days, and a regular on Corporate Media, suggested that not only was Obama not born in the U.S.....but that he probably is still an undocumented immigrant and should be picked up by law enforcement. Approximately 15 minutes was spent discussing this "serious" issue.

There was Liz Cheney, spawn of Dick, on my teevee screen refusing to say that Obama was an American citizen, instead, telling me that "people...are uncomfortable, for the first time ever, in having a President who seems so reluctant to defend the nation overseas."

There was Rush Limbaugh on my teevee screen telling me that white firefighters from Connecticut are "under assault by agents of President Obama", and that President Obama's comment about police officers "acting stupidly" in the arrest of Professor Gates in Cambridge, Massachusetts is proof enough that "now, white policemen are under assault from the East Room of the White House."

Was it Fox I was watching? No. It was that extremely liberal, bordering on communistic, network MSNBC that I was watching. The proof that liberal networks are, indeed, liberal, is found in their continual airing of the views of the most radical, right-wing celebrities. No, it isn't supposed to make sense.

This apparent contradiction, that liberal networks always make ample time for the screeds of the most extreme right wing celebrities, is rarely brought up on...umm... the teevee. Last night on Countdown was an exception.

David Shuster, filling in for Keith, had Charlie Pierce of the Boston Globe magazine on the last segment of Countdown. I'd like to shake Mr. Pierce's hand.

Listen closely to what Mr. Pierce says about Chuck Todd, the NY Times, Kathleen Willey, Jennifer Flowers, Chris Matthews, MSNBC, and coverage of the Al Gore campaign as he points out the extremely obvious.....this is must-see teevee....

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Pierce...."Why would these people (far right-wingers) think this wouldn't work again? Whitewater didn't hurt them, the Swiftboat accusations didn't hurt them..."

Shuster pushes back. "There's no truth, whatsoever, to the charge that Obama's not an American, there's absolutely no comparison." (with Whitewater, Swiftboat, etc)

Pierce, and this is beautiful...."There IS a comparison, because we're floating it David.....there was no truth to the Swiftboat...(Shuster shouts him down at this point)"

Shuster tries to get Pierce to bash Liz Cheney, asking why she says what she says. Pierce doesn't go along with Shuster's framing..."Because they've seen the advantage of doing the nudge, nudge wink wink stuff. This isn't any sillier than what Senator Imhofe(R-OK) says about global warming. It's just the id of the party rather prominently displayed."

Shuster tries one more time..."If Liz Cheney is unwilling to acknowledge the facts..on Obama's birth....why should she be trusted on anything else that she wants to talk about?"

Pierce hits a homerun with this response..."I don't know, I'm not the one who booked her." "She's a prominent Republican because she has been made one on teevee."

Shuster was visibly frustrated, completely oblivious to the razor sharp, truthful points Pierce was seeking to make about the corrupt and craven corporate media. Corporate media, even "liberal" corporate media, continually reserves valuable air time for the most insane conservatives to put voice to their insanity.

Radically extreme conservatives and Republicans will continue to say the most insane stuff because, as Charlie Pierce rightly said, "it works". The more insane the talk from far-right spokespeople, the better chance to be invited onto the teevee machine or have your video clip played....thus echoing and amplifying the insanity.



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