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Jihad For Jesus

By The Reverend Published: June 3, 2009

Rachel Maddow puts Dr. George Tiller's execution by known domestic terrorist, Scott Roeder, into it's proper perspective, while Rachel's guest, Dr. Warren Hern, rightly explains why Tiller's killing was an American political assassination, not a random violent act.

Hern's comments are essential....they start at about the 5 minute mark.

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One of slain Dr. George Tiller's collegues, Sarah Hill, describes the life work of the doctor and the tragic cases and situations that led women to seek his services.

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The fringe elements of the so-called Christian right have been hotbeds for breeding America's domestic terrorists for decades. The breeding ground for terrorists, the training camps for domestic jihadists, are found within American religious organizations. That's where the hate is seeded and watered. The extreme evangelical right in America is becoming harder and harder to distinguish from any other terror group determined to change America through domestic violence.

Recently, an American imam was sentenced to 65 years in prison for his financial support of alleged Muslim terrorist groups. In America, those who support Christian hate groups, hate groups who spin out dangerous jihadists, like Scott Roeder,......are rewarded with tax deductions for their financial support.

The unhinged elements witnessed during the Palin campaign and at the recently held Tea Parties....are the same unhinged elements who occasionally spin off a dangerous jihadist.

But just like with the torture discussions, if it's Americans doing it, and not Muslims, it's all justified. The concept of American exceptionalism in the braincells of evangelical nuts translates into some bizarre messianic nationalism.....where the United States has been raised up to act uniquely for god.

Needless to say, if killing is required to get god's work done, if violent jihad works in forwarding god's will, if domestic assassination of specific individuals is what god would want....then, by definition, it is the right and proper action to take.

There's nothing new in any of this. American terrorists declare active jihad whenever a Democrat sits in the White House. For American jihadists who embrace Jesus, torture, and killing abortion doctors, electing a Democratic President is the "trigger" to begin carrying out their terror plots inside the U.S.

This lunatic fringe element inside the U.S., typified by the lunatic, Randall Terry, should be declared a dangerous terrorist organization by the U.S. government. The cold, bastard, Fox media talking heads who provoke this lunatic fringe should be perp-walked for inciting violence. But these two lawless elements in American society will hide behind their fig leaf free speech and religion rights...while at the same time, they defend premeditated and egregious illegal actions of violent terrorism and torture.

The ends justify the means....and after all, it's all being done for the sake of Jesus.



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