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John Kasich Pals With Lobbyist For Economic Terrorist

By The Reverend Published: April 22, 2010

Sir Allen Stanford was investigated by the FBI and the SEC starting in 2008.

You see, Stanford was running a very illegal Ponzi scheme, you know, basically stealing peoples' money by the bushelful, like Wall Street Banksters but on a smaller scale.....when the FBI and the SEC started snooping around.

In 2008, the FBI and SEC probes that would eventually lead to his downfall appeared to be heating up. That year, Stanford opened his own in-house Washington lobbying operation, headquartered on New York Avenue.

To run it, he hired two men with ideal backgrounds for pressing his agenda: James Conzelman, a former chief of staff to Michael Oxley, the Republican congressman who had chaired the House Ways and Means committee, which oversees our tax laws; and Lionel Johnson, a former top Treasury Department official during the Clinton administration, specializing in international development. Conzelman was even given the title of Senior Vice President of Stanford Financial.

James Conzelman......Senior Vice President of Stanford Financial.....a huge Ponzi scheme operation which eventually led to Sir Allen Stanford's wearing of an orange jump suit behind bars.

James Conzelman....James Conzelman.....where have I seen that name come up recently? Oh, I remember.....

Two of the hosts of a fundraiser for Ohio GOP gubernatorial candidate John Kasich have some interesting items on their resumes: One was a senior executive and top lobbyist for alleged Ponzi schemer Allen Stanford, while another is a former Bush administration official who threatened to fire a subordinate if he revealed to Congress the true cost of a major bill.

This afternoon (April 21), Washington's tony Capitol Hill Club was the scene of a fundraiser for Kasich, the former Ohio congressman who is the presumptive Republican nominee to take on the incumbent Democratic governor, Ted Strickland, this fall. According to an invitation obtained by TPMmuckraker, the 15-person host committee includes Jim Conzelman and Tom Scully.

Let's see if I can capture the picture here.

Mrs. Sarah Palin made a name for herself (not to mention a small fortune) saying cutsey little smartypants stuff during the campaign of 2008, stuff like..."Obama pals around with terrorists." Future Tea Party sore losers went crazy with clueless glee whenever Mrs. Smartypants threw out that line, you know, as she spoke for all the 'real Americans" out there. The highly intelligent Mrs. Palin was referring to Barack Obama's acquaintance with Bill Ayers, a former leftist radical who was behaving radically when Obama was 8 years old.

Ayers had redeemed himself long ago and was a teacher in a local Chicago university at the time that Obama met him. Despite the fact that Obama, himself, held none of the 60's radical positions that the now-redeemed Bill Ayers held 40-something years ago.....Mrs. Smartypants, bolstered by brilliant and impeccable "reporting" by Fox News, insisted that Mr. Obama was a "pal" of a domestic terrorist.

Great campaign times.

Not wanting to stray too far away from the flawless logic or the patriotic sincerity of the highly popular former 1/2 term governor and loser-in-a-blowout of the 2008 presidential election.....I think it would be appropriate, not to mention patriotic, to conclude that John Kasich, Republican contender for Ohio's governorship this fall, has been, like, palling around with a domestic financial terrorist defender.

Wouldn't that be Mrs. Smartypants astute and learned conclusion?

I'm simply following the rules that the representative of "real Americans" laid down almost 2 years ago.

Jim Conzelman, this week, was helping John Kasich raise funds to defeat Democratic incumbent, Ted Strickland, in this November's Ohio election for governor. Jim Conzelman, not 40 years ago, but last year, was Senior Vice President of Stanford Financial, a now defunct, though once huge, Ponzi scam operation. Sadly, Stanford's Ponzi terrorist bomb exploded, destroying many Americans' financial futures. Stanford is still wearing that orange jump suit I mentioned earlier.

Conzelman wasn't convicted of any wrongdoing in the Stanford Ponzi....instead, he had been hired in 2008 as Senior Vice President for lobbying purposes. Conzelman was hired, in other words, to put out a public relations smokescreen with the hopes of protecting Sir Ponzi from federal probes.

This week, Conzelman was helping raise funds in Ohio for governor hopeful, Republican John Kasich.

WWSS.....what would Sarah say?

Not sure what she would say because Republicans, by Mrs. Palin's highly informed definition, don't "pal" with terrorists, domestic or otherwise.

However, because I am in awe of the Great Wife Hope of the GOP, because Sister Sarah has shown us the way forward when it comes to campaign rhetoric, blazing new trails as it were....I can only say that, based on the rules laid down by Republican Leaders,....John Kasich was palling around with a defender of domestic financial terrorists this week. Specifically, a highly paid accomplice of financial terrorist, Sir Allen (Orange Jumpsuit) Stanford.

Can I get a "you betcha'"?



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