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John, Wile E. Coyote, McCain

By The Reverend Published: October 29, 2008

Remember all those great Roadrunner-Wile E.Coyote cartoons? We didn't have sophisticated video games and I-Pods back in the 50's when I was only a little Reverend. Instead, we had highly imaginative and creative black and white cartoons on small teevee screens. Bugs, Daffy, Mickey, Donald, Foghorn Leghorn (my favorite), and, of course, the Roadrunner-Wile E. Coyote cartoon characters were the boomer children's living room friends.

Ol' Wile E. tried every trick in the book, ACME explosives, mechanical devices, traps, catch that speedy Roadrunner. Without fail, Wile E. Coyote, would fall prey to his own contraptions, just like in the following 60 second cartoon clip....

Sadly, Wile E. never did catch the Roadrunner, but that never stopped him from trying anew each week.

John McCain has done his best to imitate the ol' Wile E. one throughout his presidential campaigning this year. Starting with the week of the Republican National Convention, Wile E. McCain has been, non-stop, carrying out not-too-sophisticated gimmicks and stunts. But just as in the cartoon, Obama, the Roadrunner, has just been too quick and too smart to be caught by Wile E., and to make matters worse, these political gimmicks and stunts have usually backfired in Wile E. McCain's face.

Take for example Wile E. McCain's vice-presidential pick. Sarah Palin, with all due respect, reminds me of one of ol' Wile E's crates of ACME explosives. McCain, that slick rascal, lit the fuse of that running mate-to-nowhere on Friday after Barack Roadrunner Obama wowed a crowd of almost 80,000 in Denver with his acceptance speech. At first, after lighting the fuse by introducing Mrs. Palin, it all seemed like a great gimmick, a well thought out stunt to defeat Wile E. McCain's younger and smarter nemesis. However, just like the cartoon, Wile E. McCain forgot that he was tied to that crate of explosives himself.....and just like in the cartoon, the explosions which have followed have singed the hair of the GOP presidential cartoon character instead of his opponent's.

The number one drag on Wile E. McCain's presidential aspirations, according to polling, has been that attractive Alaskan crate of maverick-reformer brand explosives. Even Commander Codpiece, yet another GOP cartoon character, albeit a criminal one, doesn't poll as significantly as a drag on Wile E. as the explosive Sarah Palin does. Once lit at the RNC, Mrs. "Thanks, but no thanks", has provided amusing and amazing fireworks that have continually exploded now going on 8 straight weeks. From the cartoonish "Mother, Maverick, Moosehunter" introductory video of Mrs. Palin at the convention, to the "blow up in your face" teevee "interviews", down to the flames of fire in "Obama pals around with terrorists" gimmick.....Wile E. McCain has seen what he imagined would be his best trick, consume him in the process.

Now in the last episode week for Wile E. McCain, his cartoon trick of the explosive Mrs. Palin is exploding wildly all over the place, threatening to collapse the entire GOP cartoon making building. Wile E's own animators, mostly Karl Rove disciples, are now saying that Palin is going "rogue" and even wants to "go more rogue". Others inside the animation room are calling Palin a "Diva", others on Wile E's production team are saying that the Alaska Governor doesn't know "anything" about national or international issues. The sparks are flying. Meanwhile, the quicker and smarter Roadrunner Obama, continues to widen his national and swing state lead on ol' Wile E McCain.

If teevee viewers listen very carefully tonight beginning at 8 P.M., when Roadrunner Barack lays out 30 minutes of unity and hope for America's future.....if you pay close attention in the midst of Barack's inspiring call to American voters to join him in charting a new course for this great may just hear those famous words.....the words that closed out every victorious Roadrunner escape into the sunset....

"Beep, beep."

Hat tip to Mrs Reverend for today's post idea.



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