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Journalist Joe

By The Reverend Published: January 11, 2009

Watch the first two minutes of this FOX clip from late October, 2008....

Joe. The. Plumber., embraced by American wingnuts as a representative of the 'average guy', and followed, puppy-like, by an American media who couldn't find their asses with both hands.....proudly and boldly told viewers that a vote for Barack Obama was a vote for the "death of Israel". A non-biased comment from an average non-biased American man. Objectivity, as we found out over the last number of weeks, is Joe's strong suit.

The unexplainable clusterf*ck of the McCain-Palin's campaign obsession with Mr. Plumber in the last two weeks leading up to November 4th should go down in history as an all-time WTF moment in American politics. The last days of the campaign came down to a duel between Sarah Palin and Plumber Joe to see who could be the most ignorant, nonsensical-sounding person to appear on teevee. I'm not sure who won.

What to do with such an ignorant, nonsensical buffoon like Joe after the election ended? What else? Declare Joe to be a journalist....

Samuel J. Wurzelbacher, the man whose 15 minutes of fame seem inexhaustible, is heading to Israel to cover the ongoing conflict in Gaza. He told an Ohio television station he'll spend 10 days as a war correspondent for a conservative website, Pajamas TV.'s the 'war correspondent' gig going?

As we learned during the campaign, Joe is not really a plumber, not licensed anyway, though he probably knows the only two things my plumber friends (yes, I have them) say are important, "sh*t flows downhill and payday is on Friday." But how is the non-plumber plumber doing as a non-journalist journalist? Well, I don't know which day of the week big Joe gets paid by Pajamas TV, but it looks like Joe still knows that sh*t flows downhill.....onto all of us.....

Here's what the Associated Press says about Joe in Israel....

"Samuel Wurzelbacher (he's even a non-Joe), also known as 'Joe the Plumber', is in Israel working as a rookie war correspondent, where he said Sunday that he believes journalists should be abolished from reporting from war zones."

Pulitzer caliber material.

Of course, non-Joe, non-plumber, non-journalist, Joe was in the Israeli town of Sderot when he said that. See video here. Odd though, or perhaps not, is the fact that Joe's view here is the same as Israeli leaders. Israeli leaders don't believe journalists should be allowed access to war zones either. Israel declared Gaza a no-reporting-zone early in November, long before the Israeli attack began.

I'm sure that Israel's boycott of journalists going into Gaza has nothing whatsoever to do with those journalists being able to witness the atrocities the Israeli military has been conducting against Gazan civilians. I take Israeli leaders word when they say the reason for the no-reporting-zone is to prevent reporting on Israel that is "unfair and one-sided."

When Israeli leaders disobey their own Supreme Court order demanding that journalists have access into Gaza, it's not because they don't want any stories about the killing of Palestinian women and children seeking refuge in UN schools getting out. No, no. It is because those "liberal media f*ckers", just as they do in the U.S., won't give Israel a fair shake.

But what the highly ethical and moral Israeli leaders WILL allow is journalistic access inside Israel, as seen in Journalist Joe's video clip. That access, by definition, could not possibly be construed as "one sided or unfair."

What of non-Joe, non-plumber, non-journalist Joe? How has this opportunistic moron been received in Israel now that he has put on a totally objective "reporter" hat? Jill, at Writes Like She Talks, a fierce and fair writer, said she was "pissed" at Israel about Journalist Joe being there. Why?

Non-Joe, non-plumber, non--journalist Joe's publicist told CNN....

"Israeli officials are very excited to have him."

That should piss everyone off.



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