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By The Reverend Published: June 4, 2008

May 15, 2008

Sen. John McCain said .... Sen. Barack Obama's willingness to sit down with the president of Iran shows "naiveté and inexperience and lack of judgment" -- and indicated he will make the issue front-and-center in the general election if Obama becomes the nominee. Link

May 19, 2008

Obama's willingness to sit down with the Iranian president demonstrates Obama's lack of understanding of international relations, McCain said during a speech in Chicago, Illinois.

"Such a statement betrays the depth of Senator Obama's inexperience and reckless judgment," McCain said. "Those are very serious deficiencies for an American president to possess." Link

May 26, 2008

McCain said. “He really has no experience or knowledge or judgment about the issue of Iraq.” Link

June 4, 2008

''Americans ought to be concerned about the judgment of a presidential candidate who says he's ready to talk, in person and without conditions, with tyrants from Havana to Pyongyang,..." McCain said last night in Louisiana. Link

John McCain repeatedly states, and will make "front and center" during the general election campaign, the assertion that Barack Obama is the candidate in the race who lacks "knowledge", exhibits tendencies towards "reckless judgment" and is simply full of "naivete" concerning foreign policy and Iraq.

McCain is, I'm taking it as a given, serious about these criticisms of Obama.

The knowledge that John McCain gained from his 20+ years in Washington, quite a bit of it concerning military and foreign policy matters, led directly to the Maverick's enthusiastic endorsement of the attack and occupation of a sovereign country posing no threat to America. Armed to the teeth with military experience, girded with decades of serious and grave governmental decision making experience in that bastion of wise judgment, Washington D.C.....John McCain unflinchingly, and without regret yet today, relying upon all that wisdom and seriousness,.... boldly voted in favor of the most dishonest, bungled, act of naked military aggression in our nation's history.

McCain's superior judgment, based on all that knowledge and decades of experience that only he possesses, revealed itself not only in his vote to take our eye off the enemy of al-Qaeda and go to Iraq, but also in the Arizonan's total embrace of the extremely radical Bush Doctrine of pre-emptive wars of choice. McCain's impeccable judgment reveals itself in his embrace of neo-conservative ideology that states America must attack other countries, even if they haven't attacked or threatened us. Never in American history have our leaders resorted to such a unilateral-minded, "we start the wars now" foreign policy. In the superior judgment of George W. Bush and John Sydney McCain III, all that has changed.

"Reckless judgment", ask almost any American, is now synonomous with attacking and occupying Iraq. McCain went all in on that recklessness.

McCain said an American president needed,....judgment, knowledge, the absence of naivete,...and without those qualities a candidate would prove to have "serious deficiencies". Ironically, John McCain is admitting that he has these deficiencies. The wisdom and judgment which led McCain and others to vote for military aggression against a country which never threatened America, which led to a quagmire lasting longer than WW2, completely equipped with a staggering wisdom and judgment that's "seriously deficient". That is why Barack Obama has said repeatedly that he is anxious to have exactly that debate with the "seriously deficient" John McCain.

What about talking to all foreign leaders.....McCain says it's "naive"...

June 2, 2008
Gallup Poll Link that shows 67 percent of Americans polled say this kind of diplomacy, Obama's, is a good idea.

Naive is trusting in George W. Bush to do the right thing. Naive is believing that George W. Bush and Richard Cheney tell the truth and had the best interest of America in mind when they unscupulously propagandized Congress and the American people, lying their way to a premeditated war of choice. That's what "naivete" is. And that's what John McCain demonstrated, in spades, by his full-throated support for a war in Iraq that America should have never started.

Perhaps two thirds of Americans are naive now. Perhaps, just like with how Americans don't believe Iraq was worth it and want it ended.....the American people have moved way beyond the serious deficiencies in judgment by self-proclaimed, non-naive presidents and would-be presidents claiming expert knowledge and impeccable judgment. Perhaps John McCain is just out of touch with the American people. Perhaps John McCain is out of historical touch with some of our greatest presidential leaders.

And speaking of judgment, deficiencies, or irony....

May 31, 2008

Still, McCain's advisers see him more likely to win if he can keep the conversation focused on national security, long the Republican Party's strength. It is certainly McCain's; he's a former Vietnam prisoner of war with decades of military experience in the Navy and the Senate. Thus, McCain is using Iraq to cast Obama as naive, reckless and unprepared to make necessary tough decisions.


But it will be hard to go up against McCain on any national security issue, given the Arizona senator's expertise. Link

Barack Obama's biggest challenge in this campaign won't be McCain's judgment, experience, and knowledge about the military and foreign affairs. When it came to making a "tough decision", McCain allegedly prepared with all his experience and knowledge enabling him to make a sound judgment.... McCain failed America miserably.

Obama's biggest challenge, is to break the unfathomable spell that main media is under about McCain's foreign policy and military "expertise". Claims of "expertise" and "national security strength" being McCain's strong suit are incomprehensible in light of McCain's support of a reckless and failed foreign policy....a policy he promises to continue.



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