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Justice Dept. Claims Islam Is A Religion

By The Reverend Published: October 19, 2010

Remember the totally choregraphed emergency about ter'rist Muslims defiling Ground Zero by exercising their first amendment rights to build a community center a few blocks away from where the Towers fell?

It was a proud and pivotal moment for the American Idiot group known as the Tea Party. Sister Sarah, HeadMistress of the Church of Perpetual Bitchy Whininess, told "peaceful" American Muslims to go out there and "refutiate" those New York would-be ter''s that the hearts of all her Twitter penpal "real Americans" wouldn't hurt so much.

Good times always roll when Tweets are weaved by a twit in order to titillate hate. Twitillation, let's call it.

Meanwhile, down in Murfeesboro, Tennesee.....the haters are going to court to prevent American citizens from exercising their first amendment rights.

In Murfeesboro, an Islamic center has been operating peacefully and quietly for decades. Having outgrown their existing center, Murfeesboro Muslims went through the proper zoning and regulatory channels in order to build a new, larger Islamic center.

You might remember, this is the Muslim project where "real Americans" torched construction equipment to demonstrate how strongly they believe in American liberty. Today's conservatives are best known for their love of liberty and the Constitution. At least, that's what I've heard.

Now we have this heart-warmer from Murfeesboro.....

Opponents of the mosque, who have sued the planning commission and other county officials, have argued that it shouldn't have been granted a religious use permit because, according to them, Islam isn't really a religion.

Islam isn't really a religion. I'm certain that that would be breaking news to...umm....about a billion Muslims....but whatthehellever.....

Opponents of a proposed mosque in Murfreesboro, Tenn.,.. argu(ed) in court that Islam is not a religion and that the leaders of the mosque --which has been in the town, in a different location, for decades -- preach jihad and a Sharia law takeover.

Three opponents of the Islamic Center of Murfreesboro's planned expansion have sued the county, claiming officials broke open meeting law when they approved the mosque's building plan.

It was a Perry Freaking Mason moment....

"Are you aware that's all the plaintiffs have wanted from day one is to know whether this is a religious institution," the plaintiffs' lawyer, Joe Brandon Jr., asked county commissioner Robert Peay, according to the Murfreesboro Post.

"The United States government recognizes Islam as a religion, and until otherwise they have Constitutional rights," Peay said.

American Muslims have "Constitutional rights"?? Well, my goodness....there's the problem right there. But what a vindication of the Sister, huh? Not only has Obama been "pal-ing around with ter'rists", hell, the entire federal government has been recognizing Islam as a religion. No wonder we were hit.

But gets worse. The U.S. Justice Department, at least that's what they call themselves, filed a brief in the Murfeesboro case in support of the Islamic building project. Get a load of what the Justice Department thinks justice is.....

The department’s brief argues that Islam is a religion entitled to protection under the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, and points out that, “consistent among all three branches of government, the United States has recognized Islam as a major world religion.” It also argues that mosques are places of religious worship, and that Rutherford County properly determined that it must treat the mosque project as it would other proposals for construction of places of worship.

Has there ever been a more egregious case of aiding and abetting the enemy? I don't think so. Under our new Kenyan President, the Department of Justice has obviously been radicalized into siding with our nation's enemy.....hey, the jihadists radicalize prisoners in our prisons, and the Justice Department building kind of resembles a The Sister tried to warn us about stuff like this....but Obama voters were mesmerized or hynotized, or something, by the lowdown, sneaky tricks of the black socialist.

Now we have federal Justice Department officials siding with alleged-to-be "peaceful" American Muslims down in the Heartland of ByGod Tennessee.

The Sister tried to warn us.



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