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Justice Sacrificed For The Obama Agenda

By The Reverend Published: June 18, 2009

I've been frustrated with President Obama's resistance to investigate and prosecute the numerous war crimes and disgraceful violations of national and international law by the Bush/Cheney administration. Obama's "looking forward" justification for this resistance, however, is akin to looking straight ahead after running over a person in the street. Wouldn't want to "look back".....simply too messy.

There's no question now that Obama is pro-actively working to protect the Bush/Cheney criminal syndicate from any and all accountability. If Obama's administration continues down this path, and there's no reason to think otherwise, then Obama, himself, will be complicit in the obstruction of justice coverup of the Bush/Cheney crimewave.

Even though it doesn't matter......I understand why Obama is willing to be a co-conspirator with the criminal Bushies. If Obama didn't actively block the release of all the devastating evidence of Bush/Cheney crimes....the public outrage over the sum total of the Bush administration's illegal behavior would undoubtedly lead to a national call for a thorough investigation, and eventual prosecution, of all the co-conspirators.

If you think I'm overstating the case.....spend some time over at Glenn Greenwald's blog site to grasp the full depravity of a lawless American regime.
The evidence against Bush and Cheney is simply overwhelming.

A Watergate-style investigation of the Bushies' blatantly illegal actions would, as they say, suck all the national oxygen out of the Obama agenda. If the rule of law were followed and a full investigation initiated, without doubt, the nation would be riveted by the mountain of criminal evidence revealed daily on our teevee screens and in our newpapers. Obama's first term would be eclipsed and defined by the shocking revelations of criminality by the past administration.

I'm sympathetic to a point. Movement conservatism, with the assistance of corporate Democrats, over the past 30 years has led to national catastrophies everywhere we turn. Health care, banking, jobs, energy, climate change, our international stature.....all of the "can't wait to be addressed" issues would have to take a backseat, if the rule of law concerning Bush/Cheney was respected and honored.

In other words....justice is being sacrificed for the sake of a president's political agenda. That isn't change. That's exactly what our country experienced over the last 8 years.

The more that Obama's team covers-up for Bush/Cheney....the more that Obama obstructs and ignores the rule of law pertaining to the Bush/Cheney administration.....the more Obama's administration will become just like the lawless one that preceded him.

It's already beginning to happen.

Take for one example this testimony yesterday by Obama's Attorney General, Eric Holder.....

Holder is so frightened by the implications of calling something that was so obviously illegal what it was.....the widespread, illegal, Bush-era wiretapping of American citizens without judicial warrants or FISA Court approval.....he can't even muster enough courage to use the word, illegal....even though he did so before he became the AG.

Obama's Justice Department, much like Bush's Justice Department, is dishonoring the rule of law and eroding it's own credibility, all for the sake of a political agenda that would be delayed, or diminished by doing what is right.

Take yet another example of the rot that is starting to form on the Obama administration. Rather than expose the crimes done in secret by the previous administration, and there are many.....Obama's administration is expanding executive branch secrecy.

Yes, Obama released the OLC torture memos, but not because he wanted to be transparent. He was compelled by a judge to release them. On every other transparency situation, from detainee abuse to warrantless wiretapping, Obama has sought to block the release of incriminating-to-Bush information.

The release of detainee abuse photographs was blocked by Obama with the excuse that military commanders told him it would endanger our troops. Sounds identical to Bush. Not to be confused with openness or transparency, something touted loudly and repeatedly while Obama campaigned.

If basic principles are compromised, in this case government transparency, it leads directly and quickly to stuff like this...

Pentagon wavers on release of report on Afghan attack

WASHINGTON — Defense Department officials are debating whether to ignore an earlier promise and squelch the release of an investigation into a U.S. airstrike last month, out of fear that its findings would further enrage the Afghan public, Pentagon officials told McClatchy Monday.

Pentagon leaders are divided about whether releasing the report would reflect a renewed push for openness and transparency about civilian casualties or whether it would only fan Afghan outrage and become a Taliban recruiting tool just as Army Lt. Gen. Stanley McChrystal takes command of U.S. forces in Afghanistan.

Never mind that the existence of a couple hundred thousand U.S. military personnel and dozens of U.S military bases in Iraq and Afghanistan are an ongoing recruitment tool for the Taliban and are daily fanning Afghan outrage.....never mind all, even releasing a Pentagon report of military wrongdoing must be kept secret.

Maybe every American media source should be restricted from reporting on the fact that we even have troops inside Iraq and know, that revealed fact might fan the flames of Muslim and Arab outrage and be used as a recruitment tool by al-Qaida and the Taliban. I mean, is our military really inside those countries if no one knows about it?

America voted for change. Sadly, what we are getting is more of the same.



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