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Karl Rove Trying Comedy

By The Reverend Published: September 1, 2007


Everyone is interested in what the slimeball, pukestation Karl Rove is going to do next, after leaving the White House. In this new National Review piece by the TurdBlossom, it sure looks like Bush's Brain is going to try stand-up comedy....

However, I believe history will provide a more clear-eyed verdict on this president's leadership than the anger of current critics would suggest.

President Bush will be viewed as a far-sighted leader who confronted the key test of the 21st century.

He will be judged as a man of moral clarity who put America on wartime footing in the dangerous struggle against radical Islamic terrorism.Link

Hold on a second.......hard to stop laughing....maybe Karl does have a future in comedy, huh?

"..far sighted leader..." Now, I grant ya', I'm not sure whether Rove is talking about George's astigmatism or not here, but either's some funny sh*t.

George W. Bush was so "far sighted" that all of his "far sighted" predictions and prognostications and prophesies about Iraq proved to be completely f**king wrong. (Cue card: Laugh so you won't cry)

Here's a truth about the Codpiece and his "far sighted" leadership. Bush could see a little bit of the devastation of New Orleans two years ago from his "far sighted" position in a freaking plane. That's the sum total of George's "far sight(ed)" leadership.

Just guessing.....but I don't think Rove will be invited to the French Quarter Comedy Club anytime soon...but hey...who knows?

What other jokes does the Rover give us about the Dear Leader? I laughed pretty hard about the "man of moral clarity" joke. Pretty funny in a sick, demented, twisted-up kind of way.

The Blossom-on-a-Turd(stage name?) thinks that when a U.S. president orders the invasion and occupation of a previously sovereign nation posing no threat to the U.S., decapitating the political leadership there, dismantling every institution that nation depended on for an orderly existence, constructing 14 American military bases there all while over 3 million citizens of that nation flee for their lives and hundreds of thousands are killed or wounded......all for the sake of multi-national corporations gaining access to the black tea under that nation's somehow demonstrating "moral clarity". That's a punchline any proud wingnut can sink their teeth into.

But wait, just like an Infomercial, there's more yuks. Here are a few great one-liners from the Turd waiting to Blossom....

President Bush will be seen as a compassionate leader who used America's power for good.

The Reverend believes Karl forgot two words on the end of that should read...."used America's power for good CORPORATE PROFITS" much funnier that way, don't you think?

Call now and we'll include this house stopper....

History will see President Bush as a reformer who focused on modernizing important institutions.

In order to "get" that joke it's essential to understand the B-Brain's definition of "modernizing"....yeah that fat, sleazy sack of suet throws the word "modernizing" around when he really means "destroying", as in, destroying any credibility America has with the world's countries, treaties, Geneva Convention....see how much funnier it is when you "get" the joke?

Why now...operators are'll receive timeless funny bone ticklers like this.....

He will be recognized as a strong advocate of traditional values.

Not an encore line, you're right, but funnier than hell anyway, in my opinion.

The "traditional values" Rove is joking about are those wonderful American heartland values of tax cuts, traditionally going to the most wealthy, cronyism(think traditional no-bid contracts, traditionally hiring unqualified friends) and....umm...traditonal values theft and traditional values fraud. Add to all those traditonal values the great, historic, traditional value of promoting divisiveness, intolerance and hate, throw in the traditional value of lying whenever your mouth moves and, I'm telling ya', the patrons will have to be revived from laughing so hard.

Rush $19.95 today to Blossom-on-a-Turd, Insanity Lane, Bunghole, it now!



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