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Katrina: Strong Winds Of GOP Opportunism

By The Reverend Published: August 28, 2007


Anniversaries are times for reflection, remembrance. And so it is with the second year anniversary of Katrina, the hurricane, and how it became Katrina, the Republican Party opportunity.

Bush White House neo-conservative freaks are consistent, at least. They purposely f**ked up Iraq, resulting in the re-election of the Commander Guy war president and so it comes as no surprise that these same freaks would also f**k-up New Orleans for their own political purposes as well.

Reflect on this....

Noting how Karl Rove was put in charge of the reconstruction effort in New Orleans, Digby, in a post found here directs the reader to this....

Rove's leadership role suggests quite strikingly that any and all White House decisions and pronouncements regarding the recovery from the storm are being made with their political consequences as the primary consideration. More specifically: With an eye toward increasing the likelihood of Republican political victories in the future, pursuing long-cherished conservative goals, and bolstering Bush's image. Link

So after two years, how are those "long cherished conservative goals" for Louisiana working out?

Now, without the tipping-point power of the Orleans Parish black electorate, Louisiana may well become the new Mississippi, which has two Republican senators and a Republican governor and hasn't given its electoral votes to a Democrat since Jimmy Carter. Link

Typical wingnut rhetoric about Katrina and New Orleans says that it was all the Mayor and the Governor's fault or it was the victims fault for not getting out...blah, blah. Wingnuts cannot allow that Bush's White House actually did anything wrong....let alone....that these Republican freaks actually stalled the recovery on purpose for political gain.

But I challenge anyone to go and read the links above and below and then tell me that isn't exactly what Karl Rove's evil mind came up with as a plan just as soon as those levees broke. Despicable. People like Rove and Bush, who, without a doubt, purposely delayed the New Orleans recovery for political purposes, should spend the rest of their natural lives behind federal prison bars.

what we should remember on the second anniversary of Katrina, the hurricane that became the Republican Party's Louisiana opportunity.

More despicable Republican Katrina anniversary reading here, here and here.

Disclaimer: Wingnut Republican or not....the material in the above links will more than likely piss the reader off. And it should.



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