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Keeping Your Health Insurance Policy

By The Reverend Published: November 1, 2013

There are folks who actually care about the truth, and there are those who don't. For those who do, I recommend these two articles which explain the tomfoolery behind the latest GOP-lie-of-the-week.

Soon, Rep Darrell Issa will be holding House hearings over how Obama knew that the terrorist insurance companies were going to jihad our health insurance policies....when he has been telling us all along that if we liked our policies, we could keep them. Witnesses will no doubt testify that Obama even sent representatives onto the Sunday teevee shows immediately after the Affordable Care Act was passed to knowingly lie about those terrorist insurance company policy cancellations. All so Obama could continue destroying America.

Questions to consider today....

1) If you currently have employer-sponsored health insurance, did you choose your policy? Did your employer come to you and ask you which health insurance policy was best for you and yours? Or is it the case that your employer picked your plan and you had little or nothing to say about it?

2) If you are currently covered by an employer-provided health policy, one that your employer chose for you, and you like the policy, what happens when your employer decides to change that policy for company-profit reasons? Can you keep your old policy and insist that your employer pay for that policy because you like it?

I ask those somewhat rhetorical questions to amplify the fact that even if you have employer-sponsored health insurance today.....and will not be affected by Obamacare at have no choice in that health insurance....and your employer can change that insurance at anytime, and do so unilaterally.

The 5% of Americans who buy individual health insurance policies, those folks who are self-employed, not covered currently by employers, etc....were told by President Obama in 2010 that "if they liked their current plan, they could keep it." That statement...and I realize few will accept it....still applies.

Insurers who sold to the individual market could continue to sell you the plan you liked provided those insurers did not change that plan after the ACA was passed. But what if insurers changed that plan after 2010? If the plan you liked was changed after 2010, the grandfather clause in the ACA no longer applied and that new plan, then, had to comply with the ACA's minimum requirements.

Since the passage of the ACA, insurers have been changing those individual plans and consequently blaming Obamacare for the change. Thus, the avalanche of bullshite this week over Obama lying, blah, blah.The actions of the health insurers in canceling or changing plans on the individual market have been attributed to Obamacare. It's the same dynamic that Foxians have relied on to spin another Godzilla-sized whopper about the number of "part time" workers exploding because of...Obamacare. That isn't happening either.

The phony argument being spun like a cyclone this week by conservative haters of all things-Obama, well as sympathetic media clowns who are still feeling poorly for Republicans who shite the national polling bed during the Cruz-a-thon shutdown, in essence, yet another attempt to nullify the Obamacare individual mandate. Same shite, different conspiracy theory.

What smug yet stupid House Republicans were actually arguing about this week in their Kabuki hearings was just the same old BS rolled in stale bread crumbs and offered up as a new Obama "scandal."

Hasn't the complaint by Republicans this week been that Americans can goddamn choose for themselves what health insurance they want to buy? And that the federal government has nothing to say about the choice consumers make when they are shopping for health insurance? Isn't that what House Committee Republicans have been arguing?

We've been treated to dozens of anecdotal claims by those who buy their health insurance from the individual insurance market and insist on keeping their catastrophic plans even though their insurers have changed those plans since 2010.

Those catastrophic plans would bankrupt those individuals should one major illness befall them or their family.....and yet, Republicans insist that those folks have a right to place increased insurance costs on everyone else should that one major illness befall them.

Conservatives call that freedom......the rest of us call that avoiding personal responsibility...or worse, wingnut welfare.

Soon, another bright shiny object story will get the attention of our feckless corporate media...soon, House Republicans will return to the conspiracy they really want to pursue....HillaryGate Benghazi.....pre-emptive presidential war, dontchaknow.....and Obamacare will quietly start working as intended, covering millions of Americans with health insurance who were not covered before.

Sure, there will be more Obamacare conspiracy that crazy relative who blurts out stupid stuff at the Thanksgiving table and so on.....but Obamacare is the law of the land, Republicans and conservatives and Obama-haters have lost this one.

What Republicans haven't fully realized yet is just how much all their stupid and crazy tantrums....their obsession with smashing anything Obama....will drag them further to the margins with the American electorate.

Please.....keep it up.



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