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Killer Political Hate

By The Reverend Published: March 17, 2014

Of all the nasty stuff anti-Obama elected officials have said or done, the worst, by far, is from GOP-governed states who have purposely shut out their Medicaid-eligible working citizens from participating in the ACA's Medicaid expansion.

While GOP-stage players spend millions feigning outrage over 4 American deaths at a CIA-outpost in a place no American even knew about until September, 2012.....those same GOP-players have knowingly and pre-meditatively plotted the easily avoidable, pre-mature deaths of thousands of American citizens right here at home.

We estimate the number of deaths attributable to the lack of Medicaid expansion in opt-out states at between 7,115 and 17,104.

The study found that a projected 423,000 diabetics will not be able to adequately manage their disease. Some 659,000 women will not receive mammograms and 3.1 million will not get necessary gynecological checkups like pap smears.

Thousands of American citizens.....whom Republican state leaders have willfully condemned to an early death for the sole, petty reason of bitter political payback. Do you think Darrell Issa will convene dozens of hearings on the deaths of those thousands of Americans anytime soon? Me either.

And all this from the party of "life."

Louisiana is one of those Medicaid-expansion denying GOP states. GOP Governor Bobby Jindal and his state GOP "killers" are purposely and knowingly condemning many poor working state citizens to a pre-mature death. 242,000 qualified citizens in the state are being kept off the Medicaid expansion rolls.

But the state's Republican leadership's top priority right now is not to find a way to cover those 242,000 state citizens so those citizens, you know, don't die pre-maturely...unnecessarily. Don't be silly. The top priority of GOP leaders in the state is......yes, this will seem hard to believe.....preventing billboards from being put up in the state which explain how Bobby Jindal is keeping 242,000 poor, working Louisianans from enrolling in Medicaid expansion.

Louisiana is suing national left-leaning policy group in federal court, saying it violated trademark rules when it put up a billboard and commissioned television ads critical of Gov. Bobby Jindal that use the state's tourism logo and motto.

Republican Lt. Gov. Jay Dardenne has been locked in a pitched battle with the group for weeks, unsuccessfully calling for it to take down the billboard that is currently up on the I-10 coming into Baton Rouge from Port Allen.

Louisiana Republicans cannot find it in their darkened hearts to accept the ACA's Medicaid expansion program because of "uncertainty" over whether the state will be able to pay the required 10% of the program three years from now. Fiscally responsible.....they say they are. And yet, there is no concern, no uncertainty over where the tax dollars will come from to sue MoveOn for informing state citizens of the truth.

"We have invested millions of dollars in identifying the Louisiana: Pick Your Passion brand with all that is good about Louisiana. No group should be allowed to use the brand for its own purposes, especially if it is for partisan political posturing," (Lt.Gov.) Dardenne said in a statement announcing the suit.

"millions of (tax) dollars" spent "branding" the state of Louisiana.....but not one dollar, even in the future, to save poor citizens of the state from pre-mature death. Oh, and Lt. Gov. Dardenne......he wants to be the next governor.

In this op-ed by Bobby Jindal, the GOP governor explains why he is sending many poor, working Louisianans to a pre-mature death.....

"...we should design our policies so that more people are pulling the cart than riding in the cart." least until many who are pulling "the cart" fall over dead.

Without reverting to my deep vocabulary of expletives, I can say without hesitation that what we are observing with Republicans denying available health coverage to up to 5 million poor working citizens is the most despicable and reprehensible display of bitter, cold-blooded hate I've ever witnessed. There is no justification. None.

The state leaders of the fiscally conservative Party of Life are consciously sending many of their poor working citizens to pre-mature deaths.....while spending tax dollars to deny free speech efforts to inform red state citizens of what it is they are doing. To top off this cluster of evil....these GOP leaders point to some comfy economic "cart" that the WORKING poor are allegedly riding in.....implying that the WORKING poor are lazy and a drag on society.

While I usually find it difficult to actually hate people....on rare occasions, I make exceptions.



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