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Kinder, Gentler Ransom Demands

By The Reverend Published: October 12, 2013

The terrorist event still threatening the entire nation began on October 1st when sleeper cells in the House of Representatives rejected funding non-essential government services any longer unless Obamacare was entirely defunded.

Members of those sleeper cells then proceeded to stage theatrical productions in front of government locations that they, themselves, were responsible for closing. Predictably, team leaders of those sleeper cells paraded in front of Village teevee cameras loudly blaming Obama for closing non-essential federal government services and departments.....when it was their very own ransom demands which made the shutdown inevitable.

Twelve days have now passed and the political party to which the sleeper agents have attached themselves has noticed a staggering drop in their party's approval rating. Adding to the political party's woes, skirmishes are now breaking out within the party.....skirmishes which threaten the very foundation of the political party.

The Mission Impossible moment has now registered in the minds of veteran Senate Republicans and Operation Rescue Republican Ass, as limp and impotent as it is, has now begun. Villagers are atwitter this weekend over the prospects of a "new" and gentler ransom demand that will once again prove the Village theorem of equivalency. Odd how that works.

Senator Susan Collins has offered a kinder, gentler conservative ransom demand....

...the latest draft of the emerging measure would immediately end the shutdown and fund federal agencies for six months at current spending levels. It would maintain the deep automatic budget cuts enacted earlier this year but give agency officials flexibility to decide where the cuts should fall.In addition, the proposal would raise the debt limit through Jan. 31, 2014.

Sounds doable.....the hostage party gets to keep the economy-hobbling sequester while graciously allowing agency officials the latitude to decide which parts of the government get hacked with machetes.....Democrats get to reopen the government for at least six months while national-default- IED's will be kept out of the hands of the House sleeper cells until at least Feb 1, 2014. It's a tentative 14 week cease-fire agreement.

And in return?

Republicans were seeking what they called a few “fig leaves” — minor adjustments to Obama’s new health care initiative. The first would delay for two years a 2.3 percent tax on medical devices....The second would require internal auditors to ensure that people who get tax subsidies to buy health insurance are in fact eligible.

To objective observers, this looks like a night-goggles stealth attack on Obamacare. Those "minor adjustments" will cost $30 billion in lost revenues over a decade. Requiring "internal auditors" to verify ACA applicant subsidies just seems....I don't a way for future congressional sleeper agents to undermine the progressive portions of Obamacare, like many lone-wolf governor agents have already done with Medicaid expansion.

Also, too....I thought the hostage party's primary (only?) concern was government deficits and debt. How does adding $30 billion to the debt help to alleviate those deeply held concerns? What do you want to wager that the sleeper agents will want to replace that $30 billion with deeper cuts to programs assisting the little people?

I'm really, really sorry.....but it is not the responsibility of the Democrats to save the ass of the terrorist party. Any budging by Obama or Reid that moves in the direction of the hostage takers on these "minor IED adjustments" will be recognized for what it is.....capitulating to the demands of political terrorists.

Republicans need attenuate the damage they've done to themselves in the last two weeks. But giving in to any ransom demands at this point will only embolden the House sleeper agents to order new political IED's from their SuperPAC bombmakers. Hey, whattya think they produce at a place called....Freedom-Works.

The absolute worst outcome to this nail-biting, national siege would be a terrorist-face-saving compromise. Americans are on to the sleeper agents now terrorizing the country. They want Obama to stand firm and not give in to any demands from hostage takers. That is why.....ANY concessions to the sleeper agent party at this point would be an unmitigated disaster for our nation over the long term.


The precedent set would guarantee hundreds of hostage taking, terrorist events in the future.



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