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King George Junior

By The Reverend Published: October 26, 2007


When Alberto Gonzales stepped down as Attorney General I fully expected King George Junior to nominate a wingnut of significant proportion to fill Alberto's shoes. Instead, the King nominated Michael Mukasey, who, at first glance, didn't seem like your average neo-conservative attorney.

The Senate had some hearings with Mukasey. The first day was congenial enough, Then something happened in between the first and second day of hearings. Perhaps King George Junior or one of his underlings had a "private" sit-down with Mukasey, just to, you know, go over some notes. Mukasey denies any such intervention.

Whatever happened or didn't happen in between the first and second day of hearings before the Senate Judiciary led to Mukasey doing a 180 degree turn in his testimony. Mukasey simply refused to denounce torture as out of bounds or off limits for the King of America to order done. Specifically waterboarding.

Waterboarding seems to be what Rudy Guiliani is running on as a GOP presidential candidate, so maybe it's a GOP platform plank now. Rudy says the legality of waterboarding depends on "who's doing it". That's quite reassuring.....Michael Mukasey, however, doesn't want to make a committment one way or the other. By avoiding stating whether waterboarding is torture or not, Mukasey has simply demonstrated that he and Alberto Gonzales have a lot in common.

Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI) asked Mukasey if he thought waterboarding was Constitutional. "If waterboarding is torture... torture is not Constitutional," he replied.

"That is a massive hedge.... It either is or it isn't." Doesn't Mukasey have an opinion on whether waterboarding is torture? He went on to describe the technique, which involves using a wet rag to make the detainee feel like he's drowning. Mukasey replied with the same answer: "If it amounts to torture, then it is not Constitutional." Link

The Mukasey response to Whitehouse would be like asking the question, "Is murder illegal?" and getting the response, "If it's murder, it is." Those are the types of answers that led to Alberto's return trip to Texas to spend more time with his family.

What's clear about Mukasey's answer about waterboarding is what King George Junior is doing by nominating him to be AG. Just as with the criminal activity ordered by King George Junior when the NSA, and god knows who else, spied on Americans (and continue to do so) too with the torture ordered by King George Junior.

The new FISA re-write of a FISA re-write. this time with telco amnesty the centerpiece, is intended to hide King George Junior's multitude of illegal spying crimes.

New Attorney General nominees, who just can't say whether waterboarding is torture or not are nominated, IN ORDER to keep King George Junior's crimes of ordering torture, secret and away from the judiciary.

Sounds like Mukasey is just the man King George Junior was looking for.

Expect Democrats to fold, after all, how much damage could Mukasey do in just 14 months?



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