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Knee Pad Boys Laugh At Calling Hillary A Bitch

By The Reverend Published: November 17, 2007


Business as usual with the Knee Pad Media members. One would think that their gag reflex would kick in at some point....but one would be wrong thinking that. There must not be anything they won't swallow to help the Village prevent another Clinton White House.

First....Politico's Roger Simon. Simon is the guy who said Mitt Romney had shoulders wide enough to land an airliner on. I'll reserve comment on what a statement from one man towards another man, like that one, means in a larger context...but here's how ol' Knee Pad Extraordinaire Roger began today's blog post.....

The (rhymes with rich) is back.

In a Democratic debate here Thursday night, Hillary Clinton was not the passive, parsing, punching bag that she was at the last debate in Philadelphia two weeks ago. Link

Now here's what the grotesquely freakish Mike Allen, also of fame in addition to Time, said on Wednesday about Hillary....

Discussing a campaign event at which a questioner asked Sen. John McCain, "How do we beat the bitch?" -- presumably referring to Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton -- Politico chief political correspondent Mike Allen said, "[W]hat Republican voter hasn't thought that? What voter in general hasn't thought that?"

"First of all, I think it's kind of funny."

"...this was just a funny moment on the campaign trail." Link

To Mike Allen and Roger Simon....when you typed and/or spoke those words the first time.....could you hear Rudy moaning, "Ooohhhh.....yyyessss", just before he zipped up?

Now see?...that's what I call, "kind of funny".

What the heck, in the immortal words of the great and wise funk/rocker Sly Stone, "Different strokes for different folks."



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