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By The Reverend Published: November 4, 2007


Tim Russert from NBC and Press the Meat fame, co-moderated the Democratic debate on Tuesday night. Tim Russert is a willing tool of the establishment right....and proved it, once again, with his questioning on Tuesday, especially of Hillary Clinton.

I watched the debate, saw Timmy work his establishment-right "gotcha" line of questionings, and wanted to work out on Timmy's plump and disgusting head because of those questions. Just kidding on that last part.

Russert proved with his questions that the establishment-right general election campaign has officially begun. Russert's job, as with all Knee Padders, is to do everything in his power to prevent a Democratic candidate from becoming president next November. This establishment-right tactic can be best understood by reviewing the Knee Pad treatment of Al Gore in 2000 and, of course, the treatment of the Clintons for 8 full years in the 90's.

Timmy is at least smart enough to recognize that, barring a miracle, Hillary Clinton will be the Dems candidate. And so Big Tim decided Tuesday was the time to open the Knee Pad Media's new general election war front against Hillary.

You have doubts? You scoff at such a statement?

Russert asked the panel of 7 candidates a total of fifty-two questions....
of the 52 questions a total of twenty-five were about Hillary.....of those 25....22 were hostile. Source.

Don't believe me? Go check for yourself.

Following the debate and for the next few days, Knee Pad wearers from every direction were doing their lip-servicing and full-throated best to make Hillary's words about illegal aliens, driver's licenses, and New York's governor into some kind of breaking news blockbuster of a f*ck-up on Hillary's part.

When was it, exactly, that the two words, "breaking news" became a oxymoron? I digress.

If choosing a new president wasn't such a serious issue, especially following Clyde the Codpiece Crashcup's term, it would all make for good fun and laughs ala typical teevee sitcom stupidity shows. We could all just laugh at the chubby Russert, his stupid looking grin, and his "I'm going to trip you up, nah, nah, na, nah, nah" questions. Questions strictly reserved for Democratic candidates and politicians.

But alas, we ARE choosing the leader of the free world and so Russert's buffoonery, tactics, and obvious bias.... is not humorous, not at fact it's disheartening. Not because Hillary is my first choice....but because the Knee Pad Media has decided to become so overt in their attacks.

Knee Pad Media, as Russert proved Tuesday night, has no interest, really, in reporting actual policy positions of candidates or finding out from candidates answers to American voters' concerns. They are more interested in asking those more serious and solemn questions, the ones only they, the connected insiders, can come up with, like the questions about UFO's, Halloween costumes and favorite Bible verses. What the Knee Padders really love though is catty personal controversy that can be spun over and over until every advertising dollar from commercial interests have been squeezed out.

For you sports's all just like the locker room bullsh*t talk before a SuperBowl. All done in an attempt by "reporters" to stimulate controversy. Fabricated controversy that then can be written about over and over again before the big game kick off. No substance or genuine meaning in any of it.....but it still sells advertising while at the same time avoiding any substantive content, and that is a definition of today's MSM.

The start of the big game is a full year away. Establishment-right politicians look like they are going to be crushed. That is why Russert and his colleagues have begun their full-service Knee Pad work so early.

Stay tuned for the game. It will blow you away.



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