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Knee Padder Darling

By The Reverend Published: February 4, 2008

I hope Nancy Benac of the AP didn't get any on her in her gushing column over John McCain, a column, sadly, handpicked and reprinted on the front page in today's Akron Beacon Journal.

I realize that the moderate-to-right Beacon will print favorable articles and columns about any GOP's what they do. It won't be pretty witnessing all the Knee Padding, just around the corner, (and in the alley) for the man who wants to keep American soldiers in Iraq for 50, maybe 100 years.

Yep, Big Mac is back alright. That "surge" is working, by god, and that's why the number of American soldier deaths went up last month from the month before......because it's working. No end in sight, no reconciliation and yet, as Ron Paul stated the other night, John McCain wants to argue about "silly technicalities" concerning troop strategy. That's, if you listen to Knee Padders, McCain's strength.

There will be many writers like Ms. Benac and many more puff pieces about a man who was caught and imprisoned in Vietnam some 35 years ago. We'll get to here that story umpteen times retold outside the Straight Talk Express bus. Somehow, being a prisoner of war qualifies a person to be president.

It is not widely understood, yet, how old John McCain is. Today's AP reprint by the Beacon includes one little bit that I found exceptionally dishonest. It's transparent, so I'm not whining. But just take a look.....

And there were questions about his age, especially in a campaign year when the buzz was all about change.

McCain would be 72 by Inauguration Day. Only Ronald Reagan was older, 73, at the start of his second term.

There "were questions" about McCain's age. "Were." There aren't any questions now about his age? What did he do? Get younger?

Get a load (the writer did) of "only Ronald Reagan was older, 73, at the start of his second term." So what about Reagan's age when he, like, started his first term? Or did Ronnie just skip his first term and immediately begin a second, somehow? How in the hell could this AP writer claim objectivity with spin like that?
Reagan was 69 when he started his first term, his second term (at the least) was marred by his oncoming Alzheimer's.
McCain will be 72 come January 2009. Math is new, yeah, but it ain't that new. 72 is still a bigger number than 69.

Therefore, the AP writer is ...umm....lying. It is not true that Reagan was older when he became president. But Knee Pad wearing establishment followers of the Mac is Back Attack, just like those establishment servicers who wanted to sit and drink beer with the "regular guy" George W. Bush, could care less about telling the truth. Their job is to wash and wax (from a kneeling position)the warmongering, favor-the-rich, GOP candidate, in preparation for prime time.

John McCain is hated among movement conservatives. McCain isn't the comeback kid here. He's the electable odd man left in. In a GOP field of freaks, McCain stands out as the more electable freak. He says, "there will be more wars." He favors interventionism and empire building. He is a neo-conservative. That's the only reason a Democratic reject like Joe Lieberman endorses McCain. Neo-conservative birds of a feather.

Despite the best AP kisses blown in McCain's direction.....he's still a warmongering neo-conservative willing and prepared to send more of our American soldiers off to other oil rich nations to bolster the empire. "There will be more wars", means, there will be many more American soldiers killed and wounded under the leadership of the former POW.

The Knee Pad Media love John McCain. They have for a long time. The servicing that will go on for McCain by the Padders will rival any porno movie in it's obscenity and phoniness. Just warning you.

And finally.....Note to AP writer, Nancy Benac......yeah Nancy, it's true.....he's too goddamned old.



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