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Kudos To The Beacon

By The Reverend Published: November 7, 2007

Praise be. The Akron Beacon Journal reprinted an Eric Boehlert piece today on its' op-ed page. It is today's must read.

I also highly recommend Boehlert's book, "Lapdogs", to anyone who wants to REALLY find out the truth about America's mainstream media. Boehlert also contributes to, a site that doesn't allow the lying and misinformation in today's media scene to get by unnoticed. Something Bill O'Reilly, Rush Limbaugh and other wingers simply detest.

In Boehlert's piece today, you'll find some of the same issues The Reverend has been sharing on this blog. For example...

The Colbert candidacy only became a distraction because the press allowed it to, because the press literally drives itself to distraction on the campaign trail. That's not an unfortunate side effect of the process. That's the goal.

Exactly. That IS the goal. Distracting from the important reasons to vote or not vote for a candidate. Why distraction? Because the Padders, who know everything that we want, "know" that we don't want to hear that policy wonk stuff about foreign countries, economics, voting records and....zzzzzzz. Borrrrring. No, by God, we, the voters, want to be distracted.

Knee Padders must moonlight as freaking psychics. It's eerie.


That's because the press has decided to cover presidential candidates as celebrities, as personalities. The media phenomena became enshrined during the 2000 contest when the press announced that presidential campaigns were no longer about how candidates might function as presidents; what they might actually do as commander in chief. Instead, campaigns were about personalities — which candidate was fun to be around and which one was authentic.

Hillary's cleavage, Brittney's lack of underwear, Edwards' haircuts, Brangelina's's all treated the same now. That's because Knee Padders know what we want.

Important issues like who you would rather sit down and have a beer with, you know, serious and galactically vital questions like that. That's what we really need to know. Why? Because Knee Padders know what's important, we don't, and besides, they already have picked out who our candidates should be.

Can we expect more of the same from those who wear knee pads?....

The approach is thriving today. Look at the latest research findings from the campaign trail: ''Just 12 percent of stories examined were presented in a way that explained how citizens might be affected by the election,'' according to Editor & Publisher magazine. ''And just 1 percent of stories examined the candidates' records or past public performance.'' Link

The press.....the media....those who are supposed to protect our democracy by telling us the truth about political aspirants, now only uses 1% of their influence to "examine....candidates records or past public performance."

Politicians and would-be politicians and powerful money brokers say what they think we want to hear. (Think Mitt Romney)
The only check on these weasels historically has been the media. But now, as Boehlert points out, the mainstream media no longer sees that as their job. The Padders job is the same as those who work the entertainment "news" or sports "news" part of media today. That's why they left their Knee Pad tracks all over the Colbert-for-president non-serious "story".

It's all come down to the celebrity personality, just like back in junior high.

Congratulations to the Akron Beacon Journal for having the fortitude to print Boehlert's article.



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