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Labor Day Musings

By The Reverend Published: September 3, 2007


In case you missed Dear Leader's Saturday radio address, you can find it here.

Noticeably absent from the Labor Day weekend radio spot is....umm...the word 'labor'. Odd, that. But is it really odd from the Leader of a political party that does everything it can to weaken the cause of workers?

In spite of the fact that America's middle class was built from the ground up by labor and labor unions, today's work force includes only 7-9% unionized workers. Down from the thirty percentile range during union's stronger times of the last century.

And I suppose it comes as no surprise then that a president who has presided over a 'take from the workers and give it to the wealthy', 6 plus year long campaign would not utter the word 'labor' on Labor Day weekend.

The Republican party is not the friend of the working person. Their policies of favoring business over workers, corporate welfare over human welfare, business profits over family necessities is well documented and, indeed, bragged about by suppy sider conservatives.

While CEO's and their sycophantic brigade of vice-presidents have greatly benefited from taking from the workers over the past 35 years or so, workers themselves haven't been so lucky. Their modest wage gains eaten up by inflation, the costs of health care, energy and education. Job security is now non-existent. Benefits are slowly being eliminated.

Bush is the Leader of a political party that prides itself on lowering wages and benefits for those who work. They call it the invisible hand of the marketplace at work, while their dictates and laws and executive orders prove that they actually have their thumb on the scale of economic fairness and justice.

American workers are the salt of the nation. Those who would seek to harm this 'seasoning' seek to harm the nation. That is why this Labor Day we all need more time....that the Democratic Party, warts and all, is the ONLY political party that even cares a little bit about labor unions and the American worker.

The answer to the problems facing American workers today is for more and better Democrats. There is no other answer.



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