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Lamestream Media Victimizes Newt

By The Reverend Published: January 20, 2012

Once again, another GOP presidential candidates "debate". CNN...again. Transcript.

CNN's John King, once a promising young reporter, now simply another Village idiot pretending to be a reporter, began the politico-drama last night by bringing up one of Newt Gingrich's ex-wives.

CNN, just like every corporate media outlet today, feigns objectivity. CNN knows...because they are oh-so-in-touch....that what viewers really want is to be entertained. King's opening question to Newt was offered purely for it's entertainment value. John King knew that his question to Gingrich about his 2nd ex-wife would rile up the far right audience.....another monumental confrontation (in conservative brains, at least) of the "liberal mainstream media" going after yet another poor, under siege, Republican.

John King has been around long enough to know that Gingrich would take the opportunity to bash "liberal media"....and that's just what Newt did. To CNN, and King, that would add entertainment value to the kickoff of the debate. Get the conservative audience's juices flowing and what not. To the question....'did you ask your second wife for an open marriage so you could continue banging your former aid Callista?'....Newt responded...

“No,” he said when asked if he wanted to address the issue. The audience burst into wild applause at his response. “I think the destructive, vicious, negative nature of much of the news media makes it harder to govern this country harder to attract decent people to run for office. I’m appalled you would begin a presidential debate on a topic like that.”

Now first off....the revelations from Newt's second wife that Newt behaved badly, you know, banging his former secretary while still married.....while simultaneously aggressively attacking President Clinton at the time for similar well known. Not new and not news.

Quite a while ago I read the second Gingrich wife's account of life with Newt. She said that Newt told her it wasn't about what he did in his own life which was important. What was important, according to Gingrich, was what he had to say....allegedly his conservative message. All that was important was that Newt's message be heard by the American people. What Newt did in his own life was simply insignificant...not that important.

Therefore, when John King asked a question implying that Newt's personal life was...umm...less than virtuous....the question could easily be dismissed by the former Speaker. You see, asking Newt personal questions is irrelevant.....unless, of course, you are part of the "destructive, vicious, negative" news media out to do harm to the Party of Jesus, the GOP.

In the soap opera debate last night, John King played the role of 'nasty, Jesus hating, commie-loving, liberal mainstream news guy'...out to victimize yet another pure and righteous Republican candidate by asking a question about an old ex-wife story. Gingrich played the role of the pure and righteous Republican being victimized by "lamestream liberal media" guy.

The audience played the role of a World Wide Wrestling-like audience piling on those "liberal" refs who dared to question their righteous and beloved, "liberal media"-hating superstar.

It was all oh-so-predictably nauseating.....and phony.

But's just what the "hate Obama" crowd needed. Like a heroin fix. Slapping a "liberal media" guy, even if that media guy is not liberal and is only play acting for the sake of ratings, invigorates the

Jerry Springer ultra-conservative audience. And isn't that all that really matters? Isn't the entertainment value of these mock-debates all that matters?

I sincerely hope that Newt Gingrich wins in S. Carolina tomorrow...and eventually goes on to win the GOP nomination....though I still doubt that will happen. If Mitt Romney personifies all that is wrong and destructive about Wall Street and the financial industry's control of our nation over the last 30 years.....then Newt Gingrich personifies all that's turned ugly about the modern Republican Party over the same period.

Gingrich was the creator of today's ugly, hateful, divisive and fact-free politics. The Founding Father of Ugly. Trail blazer of the Alice in Wonderland politics which oozes daily, like slime, from America's right. But to people who pretend to be reporters and journalists....Newt packs just the entertainment punch corporately-owned, non-news outfits are looking for.

Finally....the opening of last night's "debate" reminded me of the old teevee show, Laugh-In. That's the one where Goldie Hawn giggled and became famous. Audiences for Laugh-In knew what was coming, what to expect. The straight man would ask a question...and then Goldie, or someone else, would pop their head out from behind a prop wall with window openings and give the punchline answer. All very humorous and entertaining....but only silly, childish fluff that no one took seriously.

You do the translation.



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