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By The Reverend Published: March 27, 2009

I have been thoroughly enjoying the Chinese firedrill, Keystone Kop, routine by the minority Republicans. It's been a real gas. I predicted long ago that the one good and positive accomplishment of George and Dick would be the total destruction of the Republican Party.

I just never knew how humorous it would turn out to be.

Yesterday's Republican House leadership press conference was comedy gold. Seriously. I haven't laughed out loud like that in a long time. The Republicans may be in the minority but at least they keep the electorate amused with their entertaining antics. You have to give them that.

The setup.

President Obama, who is proving to be a pretty smart fellow, mentioned recently, in response to GOP criticism of his budget proposal, that his "critics" criticize , but they don't set forward an alternative budget plan.

MSNBC contributor, Lawrence O'Donnell, a former senate aide, predicted on Monday or Tuesday that the GOP would never bring forward an alternative budget proposal, nor should they.

If only they would have listened to O'Donnell.

Watch the first 38 seconds of the following video where the Ohio Bonehead, minority House leader John Boehner, says this...."Two nights ago the President said, 'we haven't seen a budget yet out of the Republicans',...well, it's just not true because (Bonehead lifts up blue folder) it is, Mr President."

Chevy Chase and the old SNL team couldn't have done it better. And for a second, I thought the Bonehead was TRYING to be funny. Alas, no. The blue folder the Bonehead held up didn't contain any budget numbers. None. No budget projections, no deficit projections....nothing. Don't believe it for yourself.

Paul Ryan(R-WI) is the guy who has been designated to actually write the GOP's alternative budget proposal. Here's what he said yesterday.....

"The problem is that somewhere along the line, someone got the mistaken impression that we were going to roll out a budget alternative today," he said. "What we all signed off on was a preview—the real [alternative] is coming next week."

Still, when he was asked what purpose today's preview served, Ryan directed me to Pence's office: "You've got to ask the conference this question, I can't answer that question."

Gives a whole new comedic edge to Bonehead's, "here it is Mr. President,".....doesn't it? I think the Bonehead would have received a better response from the confused press corps gathered for the "announcement".....if he would have simply said, while holding up the blue folder, "Two nights ago the President said, 'we haven't seen a budget yet out of the Republicans', and THIS isn't it either."

I'm sayin'.......funny stuff that.

But the Republican day yesterday came jam-packed with joke lines. It wasn't only the Bonehead snapping off unintended lines of humor. Michael Steele, 2nd in command at the GOP compound under Comedien-King Limbaugh, and the alleged RNC chairman, did his best Carnac imitation in explaining his heretofor nutty and contradictory comments. Put the coffee down for a second and watch Mikey's Johnny Carson impersonation.....

When Steele insulted the defacto leader of the Republican Party, Comedien-King Limbaugh,....when he said gays were born gay,....when he said that abortion was a matter of choice, when he apologized for insulting Comedien-King, when he flip-flopped on the gays and abortion statements......when Mikey made all those confusing and seemingly contradictory was all part of Carnac Mikey's "strategy". Part of the Great GOP Carnac's master plan.

Carnac Mikey...."I'm very introspective about things...I'm a cause and effect kind of guy, so if I do something, there's a reason for it. It may look like a mistake, a gaffe, but there's a rationale, a logic behind it."

You must admit, if you've been paying attention,......that is some funny sh*t. Steele, as most Republicans are coming to agree, is a full metal jacket disaster. But....but...THAT disaster, according to Carnac Mikey, is all part of his Mini-Me strategic plan.

Perhaps, just perhaps, the Republicans will soon propose a new agency of the federal government. Something they can really sink, you know, their teeth into. A new agency where Republicans can really shine, strut their stuff, feature their strong suit, as it were. And wouldn't you know it.....The Reverend has a suggestion for this new agency's name....

The Office of Sh*ts and Giggles.



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