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Laughing Matters

By The Reverend Published: March 24, 2009

Immediately following Sunday night's appearance of President Obama on Sixty Minutes, I told the Mrs. that Obama's smiling would be the Villager story dominating Monday's "news" cycle.


Even his awkward laughter highlighted an issue Obama has faced dating back to the campaign, a sense that he sometimes is too “cool” and detached to fully grasp the public anxiety over mounting job losses and economic worries.

Fox News....

In a wide ranging interview broadcast Sunday night, Obama was pressed by Steve Kroft on "60 Minutes" for at times laughing or smiling while discussing the global economic crisis.

The president's demeanor in discussing the economy was so noticeably inappropriate that interviewer Steve Kroft confronted him about it, asking if Obama was, "punch drunk." (13:34) Obama explained his jokes at the economy's troubles as, "a little gallows humor to get you through the day."

The nutty took an immediate poll asking this question.....

Was Obama Too Flippant in His 60 Minutes Interview About the Economy?

Media Matters.....

Echoing a March 22 Politico article that was hyped by the Drudge Report, the March 23 editions of Today, Morning Joe, MSNBC Live, and Fox & Friends all featured segments on President Obama's laughter during a 60 Minutes interview. The segments are reminiscent of the media's echoing Drudge by seizing on Hillary Clinton's laugh as a new subject of attention following Clinton's talk show appearances in September 2007.

Relatively easy prediction for me to make given the total shallowness and triviality-obsessiveness of the Village media machine......a Village media whose Dean, codger David Broder, has, after only 50 days in, declared Obama's honeymoon officially over.

The diseased condition of our main corporate media was also on full-ugly display recently with The Dick Interview by CNN's New Media Dick, John King.

Consider how ridiculous: John King interviewed (with large cushy softballs)former VP Cheney on a CNN program entitled...."State of the Union."

CNN aired The Dick Interview March 15th. The Dick no longer holds any office and he's never going to run for any office. Why, then, would CNN's New Media Dick, John King, interview The Old Dick? Did The Old Dick have some "breaking f*cking news" to share with a clueless audience? No. Why was The Old Dick on CNN? Did he demand to be on? Did CNN invite The Old Dick on? Why would they do that? To what end?

How trustworthy would answers from an 18% popular ex-VP, and unindicted co-conspirator, you know, be? Is it even appropriate for an ex-VP wih 18% popularity, a detested man, to be explaining anything about the "State of the Union?"

The King-Cheney interview then became the "news story" for the entire week, March 15-21. I saw numerous teevee and print pieces referring to the interview during that week. Then, Steve Croft of 60 Minutes made The Dick interview a major questioning launch point in his own questioning of President Obama. Why? The Dick has zero credibility, is hated throughout America for his yet-to-be-prosecuted crimes done from the shadows, and has proven to be an ignorant and lying maniac about all his neo-conservative policies.

All this, mind you, followed yet another week in which we were treated to the repeated lies and propaganda from Ari Fleischer and Frank Gaffney. Why were those two propagandistic neo-con leftovers from a 28% popular administration.....invited onto national cable and network news programs to spout more of their lies? Did THEY have any new "breaking f*cking news"? Of course not.

First it was Rod Blagojevich. Knee Padders brayed for weeks about the potential damage to a newly elected president from Illinois. Then it was the stimulus "discussion." A discussion on the teevee that favored Republican appearances 2-1 over Democrats. Democrats that were wildly favored in the November election. Following that stellar work, we were presented with another round of ridiculous "socialism" that began with the immensely intelligent Sarah Palin. Of late, the Villagers have laid out the red carpet for disgraced neo-con regurgitations from Gaffney, Fleischer and, finally, The Dick himself.

This week's start is dominated by serious and pertinent accounts of Obama's smiling and laughter.....oh yeah, and Michelle's muscles, again.




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