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Lawlessness & Thuggery Work

By The Reverend Published: August 13, 2009

Please watch the first few minutes of this clip from last night's Rachel Maddow program......

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There are those who would seek to convince me that the hatred, rage, violence. swastikas, death threats, hangings-in-effigy and brandishing of firearms recently in and around townhall meetings is simply a backlash to the Obama administration's attempt to extend health care services to most Americans.

Think about that for a moment.

All of this furor, the furor that whore-media is more than happy to plaster over all it's offerings, we're being told, has been created by a still-unfinished-proposal to help Americans obtain health care.

As I said yesterday, I do not accept that is, without doubt, dishonest.

Even though the wingnut chorus oftentimes sings in the key of incoherence, making it difficult to follow......the one "verse" most often repeated to justify all the whacked-out-winger craziness is government spending and the national debt.

Heres' why that excuse is not just flimsy, but isn't even worth the breath necessary to voice it:

It is a fact that under the leadership of George W. Bush the United States of America added more debt, borrowed more money, than all the other previous presidential administrations COMBINED.

When Bush took office, the national debt was $5.73 trillion. When he left, it was $10.7 trillion. That's a difference of $4.97 trillion,... Link

$5 trillion cash advanced during the Bush years......yet not one hate-filled demonstration or hysterical-rage protest with screamers and sign wavers warning of the end of the republic. Not one.

A doubling of the debt in 8 years while simultaneously handing out huge tax CUTS to America's wealthiest.....but, by god, not one protest, not one sign from conservatives calling Bush fiscally irresponsible.

Furthermore, all of Bush's borrowing didn't produce any positive results for Americans. Just the opposite. Employment, wage levels, buying power, pension values, all deteriorated. Deteriorated to the point where now we're in the worse recession of my 60 year lifetime.

Yet no conservative protests about any of it during the last 8 years. None.

Astonishingly, less than a year into a new, black, Democratic presidency, on the heels of an unfinished proposal to offer more and better health services to all Americans.....a plan that will be revenue neutral and not add to the national debt, at all.....and oh-so-fiscally-concerned conservatives are throwing a massive, hysterical sh*t fit.

It's all just so dishonest.

Now let me say something in regard to the Maddow clip and where I think we're headed.....

I think what we're witnessing is an extension of the Bush-Cheney years. What was consistent over the past eight years was the lawlessness and unaccountability of the Bushies. Conservatives will balk....but history wll bear that truth out. No other administration in American history has run up so much debt or been so lawless in their approach to governing.

And now that the Republicans are a tiny minority, the lawless tactics have filtered down to the same wingers who remained silent during the reckless debt accumulation years of George and Dick. That's why we're seeing the unruly mobs at Democratic representatives' townhalls.....not Republican townhalls. That's why we're seeing the guns, the swastikas, the nooses, the death threats. The wingers, following in the footsteps of their lawless and unaccountable heroes, are going to take the law into their own hands.

Tuesday in New Hampshire, outside of an Obama town hall meeting, a man stood with a loaded gun strapped on to his leg. Later, Chris Matthews interviewed him on MSNBC. The man said that his strapping on of that gun had nothing to do with health care reform.....he was just exercising his freedoms.

What he was really doing was setting the stage for Americans to become comfortable, accepting of, gun brandishing, thuggery, and violence as a response to the newly elected black Democratic president and his policy proposals. It's the same dynamic seen with the lawless wingers who are currently lifting up Dr. George Tiller's assassin, Scott Roeder, as a patriot, a role model.

I don't give a good goddamn what the New Hampshire laws are.....this man had no carry a loaded gun anywhere in the proximity of the President of the United States. During the Bush years, middle aged women were arrested at gatherings for having a bumpersticker on their cars.....yet we're being prepped now to accept the idea of loaded guns at presidential townhalls?

It's insane.

The lawless mob-minded wingers will continue this month to bust-up Democratic townhall meetings. They will brandish more guns, hold up even more hateful signs and they will shout down or threaten any who challenge them. All of that will lead up to the corporate organized and sponsored 9/12 Tea Party gathering in Washington D.C......which is sure to be a spectacle of mass hysteria and hate.

Most likely, with all this "unrest", lawmakers will fold on health care reform, as many are doing right now.....and that will prove that lawlessness, thuggery, death threats, the brandishing of guns, and hate speech WORKS.

And, not uncoincidentally, that's exactly what the Bush and Cheney regime proved.



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