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Leaning Forward, Falling Backward

By The Reverend Published: December 28, 2010

Perhaps you've seen MSNBC's new slogan...."Lean Forward."

A year ago on the Blog of Mass Destruction....

December 19, 2009....

With corporately-compromised Democrats leaving potential Democratic voters despondent because of their refusal to get tough and do the will of the majority of Americans, it is conceivable that the.....Republican Party TeaBaggers could rise to snatch the majority in Congress.

American history is repeating itself in much shorter time cycles...or at least it seems to me.

A year ago the will of the people was widely in favor of a public option health insurance inclusion in what Republicans lovingly called Obamacare.

On the issue that has been perhaps the most pronounced flash point in the national debate, 57 percent of all Americans now favor a public insurance option, while 40 percent oppose it. Support has risen since mid-August, when a bare majority, 52 percent, said they favored it. (In a June Post-ABC poll, support was 62 percent.)

However, as Democratic Senators argued with themselves at the behest of their corporate masters.....they argued themselves right into doing the bidding of those masters, rather than the will of the people.

Americans were also in favor of the government having the ability to purchase pharma products at a bulk discounted rate. That too was rejected by a filibuster proof Democratic Senate.

AARP today announced the results of a national poll showing 86 percent of Americans over the age of 18 support allowing Medicare to have that authority.

As I wrote last December.....if the Democrats refused to do the will of the people, rather than the will of their corporate masters, it was possible that the ragtag, incoherent bunch of slow learners who called themselves the Tea Party could lead the Neo-Confederates back to power in the Congress.

Fast forward to this December. What was the will of the people when it came to extending the egregiously damaging Bush-era tax cuts?

59 percent favor ending the tax cuts for the rich.

Thirty-seven percent of those polled by Gallup want to keep all the tax cuts in place.

Once again....albeit this time minority Republicans had a gun to the head of American people's paychecks.....a majority Democratic Congress voted against the will of the people.

President Obama, as he signed the negotiated ransom kicking the tax cut can further up the road, boastfully announced he would be looking forward to having the same "debate" over tax cuts (which he just caved-in to) in the coming 2 years. Having lost this debate with a 58 Democratic-seat Senate and a huge majority in the House....Obama is cocksure he'll win the "debate" next time....with Republicans controlling the House and deadlocked, basically, in the Senate.

Must be his audacious hope turned up to 11.

So, what's really coming our way in 2011 from a government which refuses to do the will of the people?

The planets are aligning, so to finally reward the powerful with what they've had on their Christmas wish list for over 60 years. The chiseling down of Social Security and Medicare.

It took a Democratic president to give powerful people what they wanted with welfare, trade agreements and bankster deregulation. And, I suggest, it will be a Democratic president who will give those same people what they want with SS and Medicare....once again, against the will of the people.

Another corporately-compromised Democratic president will introduce his Republican plan for everyone to "sacrifice" during his upcoming State of the Union address. The same president who just signed a bill this month to add $1 trillion to the national debt...will tell us next month that we have to all sacrifice because the nation has too much debt.

That will set the stage for the next "hostage" situation. Republicans have already arranged their next terrorist caper. It's coming in March or April with the necessity of raising our country's credit limit. The hostage takers will demand that Social Security and Medicare benefits are slashed.....or this time the entire f*cking world economy gets it's brains blown out.

Naturally, audacious Obama will have no other choice but to give in to the demands of the national-terrorist party.....after which he'll tell us he's looking forward to having some new "debate".

Question: Do you think I'm being too pessimistic?



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