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"Leaving Is Losing"

By The Reverend Published: June 24, 2014

The Dick...June 17th...Wall Street Journal op-ed.....

Only a fool would believe American policy in Iraq should be ceded to Iran,...

He (Obama) seems blithely unaware, or indifferent to the fact, that a resurgent al Qaeda presents a clear and present danger to the United States of America.

The Dick.....last Wednesday....

“He’s made it clear that his desire is to weaken the nation. There’s no question that he’s a dangerous president.”

The Dick....two days ago....

Although he has accused the president of taking “America down a notch” and implying he is “a fool,” former vice president Dick Cheney “didn’t intend any disrespect” to President Obama, he said to Jon Karl on ABC’s “This Week.”

No, of course not. No disrespect intended. It's just that Obama is a danger to the United States....and saying that is not disrespectful, not at all.

Now before someone tells me no one gives a damn what The Dick says......answer this question: If no one cares what The Dick thinks, why has his opinion been featured on almost all "news" outlets these past seven days? Does the man without a pulse of his own just commandeer major U.S. media outlets by the sheer force of his vile will?

It's not just The Dick either. Here, Peter Beinart, in The Atlantic, explains how Obama is totally responsible for what's happening now in Iraq. Here's the "liberal" Washington The first line.....

If you like the unfolding disaster in Obama-abandoned Iraq, you are going to love Obama-abandoned Afghanistan.

Why did the Bush administration choose a military occupation solution as the response to 9-11, rather than a more appropo international law-enforcement solution? Because the surprise opportunity of 9-11, if it was a surprise, gave the Bush administration the "Pearl Harbor event" fellow Empire expanders predicted would be necessary to gain approval to expand the reach of the Empire throughout the middle east.

Why Iraq? U.S. Empire expansion. Full stop.

And that is why Incurious George once replied to a question about what winning or losing would look like in Iraq and how we would know when we had won..... "leaving is losing." "Winning", therefore, is staying.

Those 7000 deaths of U.S. soldiers these past 13 years was never really about "bringing terrorists to justice." Those 7000 U.S. soldier deaths were for the cause of spreading the power and reach of the U.S. Empire into critical energy-regions of the middle east in pre-emptive moves to contain Russia and China's potential rise to world power status.

What have The Dick, and many other posers and bullshite-artists, been going on and on about in the past week? Obama's "total failure" to make the new Iraqi government accept permanent U.S. troops inside Iraq. Right?

Sure, the liars and the frauds tell us that what's happening in Iraq is a direct threat to U.S. national security......but isn't that what they said 12 years ago? And yet, surprisingly, or, you know, not......we're also being told today that there are exponentially more "terrorists" now than ever. Either U.S. military power is feckless.....or the frauds and liars are once again misleading us. Which do you think is more likely?

What I find unforgivably cruel is when the liars and the frauds convince Know Nothing flag wavers that our U.S. soldiers were "sacrificed" in Iraq and Afghanistan to "keep Americans safe and free." Of all of the demonic bullshite, that is the cruelest.

It is now the job of our complicit-in-war-crimes corporate media members and former Bush era criminals to use the opportunity of renewed violence in Iraq to rectify the one error Commander Guy committed......not assuring that a permanent U.S. combat force remained inside Iraq.

Sure, the fraudsters blame Obama.....but that's simply convenient optics...and besides, all things that have gone wrong in the universe since Jan. 20, 2009 are a direct result of Obama's weakness, communism, Islamic faith, hatred of America or some similar shite.

But keep your eye on the prize.....the criminal co-conspirators surely are. The goal is, and always has been, a permanent, and robust, U.S. military presence in middle eastern countries where a permanent U.S. military presence didn't exist before. Total World Dominance by the "exceptional" America is the over-arching goal.

As this new Iraqi "crisis" develops further......test my proposition. Expect the propaganda to be very subtle. Like this from just this morning....

President Obama pulled U.S. forces out of Iraq in 2011 because he couldn’t get Iraq’s parliament to offer U.S. soldiers immunity from Iraqi prosecution. But now Obama is promising to send in hundreds of special operations forces based on a written promise that these soldiers will not be tried in Iraq’s famously compromised courts for actions they are taking in defense of Baghdad.

See how it all works? Raise an hysterical shite-fit over renewed violence inside Iraq. Send all the, as yet, unindicted Bushie war criminals out to give their opinions on national corporate media outlets. Blame Obama as loudly and as insanely as words can be mustered. Then, through polling and weak-kneed Democratic urgings, compel Obama to capitulate to the will of the wicked.

The objective of the evil men and women who misled America into endorsing international war crimes was to expand the mighty decadent Empire through permanent U.S. military forces inside key-energy-rich middle eastern nations.

You rarely, if ever, hear that "reason" explained by the Very Serious.

And that's how you know that it's true.



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