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Libya's Oil Finally Liberated

By The Reverend Published: October 21, 2011

The Libyan leader, Muammar Gaddafi, has been killed. The Anglo war led by NATO against the dictator has been successful in it's objective: regime change. Although the U.S. president told us that regime change was not the objective when he announced the U.S. involvement in the effort....that was the objective all along....just as in Iraq.

Regime change. It's what we do.

In Iraq...the excuse was WMD. In Libya....the excuse was "Gaddafi is slaughtering his own people."

Question. Ever see any evidence before or after Saddam Hussein's head was ripped off that he possessed Weapons of Mass Destruction? How about evidence that Gaddafi was slaughtering his own people? No doubt Gaddafi was a violent and thuggish dictator....but it's not like we haven't known that for...umm...40 years, or anything.

The U.S. coordinated NATO forces in order to remove Gaddafi from was always about regime change.

So be it. No love lost here over the nutty, often violent, and now dead, Libyan dictator. Naturally, the question comes....what's next? Just like with Iraq, the U.S. leadership has no idea what comes next. Our leaders are making it up as they go along. I hope everything works out like in the movies and Athenian democracy breaks out like a rose all over Libya, unlike, say, what has happened in Iraq.

After President Obama announced 8 months ago that the U.S. would lead NATO in an effort to stop Gaddafi from mass murdering his own people....(still no evidence)....I blogged about the real reasons why Gaddafi had to go. Libya is the 9th leading oil reserve country in the world. France and Britain get a lot of oil from Libya...and Gaddafi, after normalizing relations in 2005 with the U.S. during the Bush administration was still reluctant to open his country to new and broader oil rights for foreign oil companies.

Through WikiLeaks, we learned that foreign oil company executives had been complaining through the State Department about Gaddafi's dithering in allowing those oil companies to gain access to Libya's more promising reserves. Gaddafi insisted the Libyan people, not foreign capitalists, should be benefiting from their nation's own oil and was demanding more from these oil companies. There was fear in 2008-2009 among some diplomats and oil executives that Gaddafi would actually nationalize the oil industry, thus preventing capitalist exploitation of their country's assets.

Libya's oil needed the same way that Iraq's oil needed liberated. Don't misunderstand what I'm saying. The U.S. and other Anglo nations did not steal Iraq's oil, nor will we steal Libya's oil. We liberate the oil. Our mighty military makes it possible for the oil in foreign nations to be set free from socialistic or dictatorial controls.

God has ordained that all marketable oil on earth be liberated...liberated to travel the free market unencumbered by concerns over whose oil it belongs to. That oil belongs to the divine hand of the free market....and the U.S. is only doing god's work setting the black

Many readers disagree we me on this...and that's fine and all.....but Senator Lindsey Huckleberry Graham (R-SC), a member of the Three Amigo Diplomats, McCain, Lieberman, & Graham, who visited Mr. Gaddafi in 2009.....agreed with me yesterday....

One of the problems I have with “leading from behind” is that when a day like this comes, we don’t have the infrastructure in place that we could have. I’m glad it ended the way it did. It took longer than it should have. If we could have kept American air power in the fight it would have been over quicker. Sixty-thousand Libyans have been wounded, 3,000 maimed, 25,000 killed. Let’s get in on the ground. There is a lot of money to be made in the future in Libya. Lot of oil to be produced. Let’s get on the ground and help the Libyan people establish a democracy and a functioning economy based on free market principles.

"There is a lot of money to be made in Libya. Lot of oil to be produced..." Notice here, these are not my words. These are the words of one of the members of the Three Amigo Diplomats who traveled to meet with Gaddafi in August 2009.

You see, in 2009 the 3 Amigo Diplomats thought Colonel Gaddafi was A-OK.

Lieberman called Libya an important ally in the war on terrorism, noting that common enemies sometimes make better friends.

The 3 Amigos even told Gaddafi they would try to help provide the military equipment he needed....can you imagine?

He (McCain) stated that he understood Libya’s requests regarding the rehabilitation of its eight C130s [a transport plane] and pledged to see what he could do to move things forward in Congress. He encouraged Muatassim (Gaddafi's son) to keep in mind the long-term perspective of bilateral security engagement and to remember that small obstacles will emerge from time to time that can be overcome.

Apparently...access to Libya's oil fields was not a "small obstacle."

Today, again, we are hearing from one of those 3 Amigos...Huckleberry Amigo...and he is telling us that with Gaddafi now gone, there's a lot of money to be made by U.S. companies through Libyan oil exploitation.

Free at last, free at last, hallelujah, Libyan oil is free at last.



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