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Lifetimes of Experience

By The Reverend Published: March 5, 2008

Hillary Clinton enjoyed a good night last night. She won Ohio by 10% and Texas by 4%, even though the delegate differential, currently favoring Obama, didn't change much at all.

The sad part of last night is the implication, quickly to be fleshed out by the usual Knee Pad suspects, that going negative, getting down and dirty, was the reason Clinton won these two large state primaries.

Barack Obama, though virtually having a lock on delegates, having not gone negative while accumulating that lock, will now have to endure an intense sh*t storm of irrelevance, filled with gossip, half-truths and disinformation. The Clinton campaign will not be able to convince themselves of any other reason for Hillary's wins last night.

As they say, we ain't seen nothin' yet.

From Hillary while in Toledo, Ohio the other day.....

"I think that I have a lifetime of experience that I will bring to the White House. Sen. John McCain has a lifetime of experience that he'd bring to the White House. And Sen. Obama has a speech he gave in 2002." Source

Joe Lieberman, once the Democratic VP in 2000, now an Independent having been booted by his party in 2006, started his descent down into the neo-conservative Republican pit with comments similar to Hillary's.

The Reverend takes Hillary's words seriously, and therefore, will seek to deconstruct their wisdom.

From her comment, it's clear that Senator Clinton believes that she and John McCain have a "lifetime of experience". By stating it the way she did, it is also clear that Hillary believes the "lifetime of experience" that her and McCain have, automatically, qualifies either her or the Arizona Republican, to be president. At the same time that all that experience qualifies these two lifers to be president, Barack Obama can only make speeches. He has no experience according to Hillary, other than speechmaking. He doesn't have that "lifetime" of vast and extensive experience like she and John have.

John McCain, according to Hillary, is qualified to become president. She is qualified as well. Obama is not, he's only qualified to give speeches.

Hillary Clinton believes and states for the record that experience, like she and McCain have, qualifies them to be prepared to lead on DAY ONE. Obama, on the other hand, with only his speechmaking credentials, is not and will not be prepared to lead on DAY ONE. Unless America only wants speeches.

This veritable goldmine of experience that Hillary and McCain have accumulated, I presume, was the same goldmine of vast and extensive experience drawn upon as they both voted to send American troops into an imperialistic Bush war of choice. I also would presume that the Iraqi Intelligence Estimate wasn't read by these experienced Senators before they voted for quagmire because, after all, these two had a "lifetime" of experience from which they could draw the tremendous wisdom needed to decide such a crucial vote.

That "lifetime" of experience, found under the belts of John McCain and Hillary Clinton, but NOT Barack Obama, must have really come in handy before that crucial Iraq vote was taken. Experience like that, experience built over a "lifetime", is virtually uncanny in it's comprehension of world events. Experience like that is able to ignore the daily political noise swirling around any critical issue, like the Iraq war issue. Wisdom based only on a lifetime of experience in making tough choices is the only wisdom prepared for DAY ONE. DAY ONE won't know what hit it, when confronted with the wells of deep experience, the likes of which only John McCain and Hillary Clinton possess.

How has DAY ONE READY experience, like McCain and Clinton possess, but not Obama, paid off so far?

First of all, those lifetimes of solid, mature and broad experience resulted in giving the worst president in American history a blank check to pre-emptively attack a previously sovereign country which posed no threat to America. Without question, Obama doesn't have enough experience to make sound and righteous DAY ONE decisions like that. Only Hillary and John possess that type of experience.

This Oracle-like wisdom, only possible to accumulate over the course of a lifetime of experience inside Washington's Beltway, produced the positive results of 4000 dead American soldiers, hundreds of thousands of dead Iraqis, the distrust of the world's other countries, and Israeli-like occupations of despair. Only a lifetime of experience, the kind of experience Obama is lacking, can produce glorious, America-strengthening results like that.

The inexperienced Barack Obama, while more experienced leaders plumbed their vast wisdom en route to voting for quagmire, could only give a speech. That speech, during a time when only the experienced could discern the wisdom of bogging America down in the middle east, rightly explained why the Iraqi invasion would be disastrous on many specific levels. But alas, Obama simply couldn't draw on his "lifetime" of inside D.C. experience to be equipped enough to see the wisdom in repeating yet another Vietnam mistake. He was too much of a rookie, a speech giving rookie, to rise up and embrace such serious and well thought out empire policy positions as the Wise Warriors of Experience, Hillary and McCain, were able to do.

The Maverick and Bill Clinton's wife brought the wealth of their experience to bear on their war vote. Even though it was very popular to be for more war in 2002, war against any Muslim looking nation, that political reality had nothing to do with these two lifetime-of-experience leaders votes. The fact that Obama gave his speech, all that he could do because he had no experience, during a time when being against the potential quagmire was extremely unpopular says nothing about Obama's sound judgment or decision making abilities. It was only a speech.

The question I'm left with, now that I've been reminded of John McCain's and Hillary Clinton's uniquely qualifying attribute of "a lifetime of experience", is, can this once proud nation of ours really afford more leaders with that much experience?



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