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Limbaugh's Thin White Skin

By The Reverend Published: August 31, 2011

"With General Powell saying he's not so sure he'll vote for Obama, that's got to set off some warning bells in the Democrat Party. Cause as I say, if the titular head of the Republican Party is starting to have doubts about your candidate, you know that you are in trouble.

But Snerdly, you know I'm right here. In the end Powell will vote for Obama. There's no doubt. The titular head of the Republican Party, the ideal model Republican, will vote for Obama. Melanin is thicker than water folks. And that's what will happen."

I can't begin to count the number of times conservative commentors have told me that their disagreements with Barack Obama have nothing to do with the fact that he is black. These conservatives explain, over and over, that their animosity towards, or dislike of, Obama has to do with "liberal policies and ideas"....not that he is in the White House as our first black president.

Rush Limbaugh, aka Mr. Conservative, while obviously not representing all conservatives in America today.....certainly represents a good number of them. That's why he draws such a big paycheck for his radio hate-blitz program....millions of conservatives who vote Republican listen to Limbaugh's 3 hour weekday AM radio extravaganza.

Though Limbaugh does not speak for all Republican voters or all conservatives in the country, it has been interesting to see that no Republican or conservative has ever had the audacity to openly disagree with what Limbaugh says for fear of being called out on Rush's "Mr. Conservative" carpet. Many an elected Republican have had to bow before Rush in apology for even suggesting that what the radio talker said was improper or incorrect.

In Limbaugh's brief screed against Colin Powell, I see two distinct threads of racism. One is meant to simply piss off liberals, which actually makes up a good portion of Limbaugh's day-to-day strategy on radio. That's why Rush uses the "melanin is thicker than water" line. Limbaugh knows that was an overt racist comment that would anger liberals...and that's why he said it.

I wonder if Rush ever asked himself.....if blacks vote for blacks because they're black....then is it also true that whites (especially conservative whites) vote for whites because they are white? If not, why not?

Limbaugh said what he said to get a rise out of progressive media...and, of course, he did. Outrageous commentary from Limbaugh is his way of advertising. Public relations. He knows that if he says hateful, crazy stuff, progressives will criticize his words. But in order to criticize Rush's words, others have to repeat the awful stuff he says....and that works just fine for the overweight, obnoxious oaf of a radio talker.

The other racist sentiment in Limbaugh's comment here is about Powell, himself. Rush Limbaugh sees himself as the model Republican. After all, Mr. Conservative is his self-proclaimed title. As such, the talking head resents others looking up to Colin Powell as a mainstream Republican, a model Republican. That is why Limbaugh calls Powell the "titular head of the Republican Party". Limbaugh does so in mockery in response to Democrats and liberals always calling Mr. Limbaugh the "titular head of the GOP", which, based on how elected GOP officials bow before him in self-humiliation and apology,...he is.

What Limbaugh is actually bitching about is Republicans who see the need to compromise with Democrats to advance the needs of the country. Limbaugh is of the "no compromise" sector of the extreme right wing. Republicans like Powell, who are unwilling to join Rush's neo-confederacy movement, and who believe negotiation, compromise and a willingness to work together to help the country is the proper course for a public servant, are often referred to by hardened rightists, like Limbaugh, as RINO's, Republicans in name only.

So, in the end, what Limbaugh was doing was throwing a bit of a tantrum. Like the egomaniac that he is....Limbaugh mocked Powell, a well-liked, moderate Republican, as just another wishy-washy conservative who would probably vote again for Obama because, after all, RINO's who compromise with Democrats to advance the country would also decide who to vote for on the basis of, you know, melanin.

Other than Richard Cheney....Rush Limbaugh has done more to damage the United States than any other prominent conservative.



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