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Limbaughian Losers

By The Reverend Published: May 6, 2011

I have criticized the Obama administration this week because of their changing account of the SEALS-Bin Laden killing mission. From the JFK assassination, to Kent State, to Iran-Contra, to the Clinton impeachment, through 9-11 and on to Iraq....I have learned not to trust official accounts from government leaders. I believe skepticism should always be an American citizen's first response to "big" stories as told by elected officials. I believe history vindicates this skeptical viewpoint.

That said, I am also not an unreasonable partisan hater who stubbornly refuses to give credit where credit is due, even if I didn't vote for the guy who deserves the credit. A prime example is George W. Bush. I didn't vote for W., but I was very proud of Bush's best moment at Ground Zero manning the bullhorn and rallying Americans with his words. I didn't want Bush to fail as president and carried no grudge against the GOP president until his campaign to invade Iraq.

In this way, I am unlike the Limbaughians, and happy to be so. This week I heard Rush Limbaugh embarrassingly mocking President Obama's "gutsiness." It was one of the radio talker's lowest moments. Even without the advantage of video, Limbaugh's numerous interruptions of laughter were obviously clumsy, amateurish and phony....just as any hustler for Jesus feigning tears would come across. Hopefully, less hateful listeners will stop listening to America's most prominent divider because of this hateful and unreasonable mockery of such a monumental presidential success.

Whatever anyone thinks about the way the White House communicated the successful mission to kill Osama Bin Laden, no one should mock the gutsiness of the call by President Obama. Obama overruled the call by his intelligence advisers to bomb Bin Laden's compound rather than send in the SEALS to kill the al-Qaeda leader. Our president was told there was a 60% chance that Bin Laden was in the compound. That left a 4 in 10 chance that he wasn't.

Today, if Bin Laden had not been in that compound, people like Rush Limbaugh would have been celebrating the total failure of a Democratic president whom he has hoped would fail from the moment of his inauguration.

Over 30 years ago another Democratic president ordered a risky mission to rescue American hostages being held by Iranians. That mission failed, and people like Limbaugh have never allowed their listeners to forget it. Still today, hateful dividers cut from Limbaughian cloth try to paint all Democrats as wimpy failures, weak and impotent when it comes to protecting America from it's enemies....all because President Carter's call did not work as planned.

If Bin Laden would not have been in that compound Sunday night....Rush and his ilk were fully prepared to begin another 30 years of the same foolishness.

But Bin Laden was at the compound....and the mission ordered by a Democratic president was a roaring success.....and that's what infuriates Rush Limbaugh today. Not simply a successful, and yes, gutsy, call by a Democratic president....but a success which the former GOP president, the one Rush carried water for all those years, could not accomplish.

All Limbaugh has left is his empty words of mockery....desperate words of mockery....and his own shame.

While Rush Limbaugh uses partisan hate to divide Americans, hoping that his repetition of lies, half truths and omissions of truth will persuade listeners to vote for Republicans....he is a smart guy. Rush knows what is going to happen now that President Obama did not fail on Sunday night. Limbaugh understands that Obama's success, coolness, and non-partisanship at this moment will be welcomed by Americans across the political spectrum.....and Rush is infuriated by that.

In real time, right before his eyes, Limbaugh is witnessing all his efforts over the last 2 years to destroy Obama's presidency swirl down the proverbial toilet like so much undesirable sewage. And that infuriates the pompous, narcissistic hater of all things Democrat. All of his hate has been for naught.

Rush's phony and forced bouts of mocking laughter over media's use of the word "gutsy" to describe Obama's orders to take out Bin Laden....are desperate, yet pitiful and repellant, face saving attempts of a loser who can't admit he's lost and refuses to just shut the hell up.

The 2012 writing is on the wall....and Limbaugh, though still a hater and a divider....can also still read. Add President Obama's successful....and you' to remove Osama Bin Laden, to the House Republicans out-of-touch vote to abolish Medicare....and that translates into an Obama presidency through 2016.

Read those words on the wall 'em and weep.

A more appropriate script could not have been written.

Update: It appears that House Republicans are Limbaugh-losers too.



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