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Liquid Plastic

By The Reverend Published: December 15, 2010

I have always thought there was something odd about Mitt Romney, former and future presidential candidate for the Republican Party.

He seems like a nice enough guy. Smiles a lot.....kind of a handsome man....tall....nice family.....very rich. And after all, Romney was the governor of Massachusetts when that state adopted and implemented a universal health care plan for the how extreme could the Mittster really be?

I realize that November, 2012 seems like a long way off....but as the Village has made clear, the 2012 presidential campaign began a month ago.....and Mitt Romney is well aware of that fact.

The Reverend believes that there is only one scenario in which Barack Obama loses his re-election bid. Part of that scenario has already been in place and working smoothly since November, 2008. That would be the part the corporate-whore media plays. From Obama's election victory in November, 2008.....Republican-wired media has been coyly, yet consistently, showcasing Republicans and denigrating Obama.

Corporate-whore media are slick at what they do. Cable shows, even the so-called liberal ones, give nightly coverage to whatever Republicans are saying, demanding, suggesting, complaining or threatening. It doesn't matter how goddamn crazy the substance of what Republicans are saying is......corporate-whore media is covering it....every day.

The other integral part of my 2012 scenario in which Obama is defeated is the GOP matchup. If Mitt Romney is paired with Sarah Palin as VP....and the corporate-whore media continues to do exactly what they have been doing since Obama was elected, and they will.....then Republicans can take back the White House in 2012.

Nov, 22....

While Palin trails President Obama quite significantly in a putative matchup, Romney is the only Republican candidate to poll ahead of the president, according to Quinnipiac's findings. Respondents said 49 - 43 percent that Obama does not deserve re-election--an improvement since July, when respondents answered the same by a margin of 48 - 40 percent.

No doubt the Mittster was well aware of those recent polling results when he typed out an op-ed for USA Today just the other day.

Romney, I suppose motivated by a few cups of TEA, called the compromise on tax cuts, "a disappointing agreement."

But why Mittster?...

...because the extension is only temporary, a large portion of the investment and job growth that characteristically accompanies low taxes will be lost.

Romney's first complaint about the 'compromise' is that the two year extension on deep tax cuts for the richest should have been made permanent. The reason? Those mighty investors out there who have been enjoying 9 plus years of low taxes, "characteristically", will still not invest and create jobs because the compromise only agrees to extend those tax cuts on the richest for another 2 years.....making a grand total of 11 years in which those mighty investment patriots were just so "uncertain" about higher taxes....and so they just couldn't move and shake their entrepreneurial booty, as it were. Too much uncertainty.

Mitt goes on in his op-ed, echoing fairy tales....

In many cases, lowering taxes can actually increase government revenues.

Classic supply side nonsense, naturally......lowering taxes has never resulted in increased tax revenues. When you reduce the amount you take in.....the amount you wind up with is less than when you started. The concept is stupid and ridiculous on it's face....and that explains why G.H.W. Bush called it, rightly, "voodoo economics."

But the Mittster goes on in his opinion screed to actually make news. Wingnut news....but news....

The indisputable fact is that unemployment benefits, despite a web of regulations, actually serve to discourage some individuals from taking jobs, especially when the benefits extend across years.

No matter how many times the truth is stated that for every available job there are 5 people trying to fill it......conservatives, and Tea Party wannabes, like Romney....continue to tell us how lazy the unemployed are, and how unemployment checks just make those already-lazy unemployed...even lazier. It's, you know, reprehensible.....and especially so when very rich people say it.

The Mittster has a solution for our high unemployment, however. Workers simply need to pay for their own private unemployment insurance.....

...we need a very different model, perhaps establishing individual unemployment savings accounts over which employees would exercise direct control when they lose their jobs,

Isn't that just so extra-special? See, for Tea Bagger wannabe Mitt Romney, the fact that there are not nearly enough jobs to satisfy the millions looking for one...means that it's the fault of the unemployment compensation system we operate under. And since, according to Mitt, it is the fault of the unemployment compensation system, needs to be privatized, putting the entire burden of being laid off on workers.

Which brings me to my summary. A Romney-Palin + corporate-whore media combo platter in 2012 can defeat Obama. Not saying it will happen, but it could. Palin will bring out the nuttiest winger voters, and "liquid plastic" Romney can bring out the moderates and independents, but only if he convinces the Kochs and the Murdochs that he believes and practices "voodoo."

Why "liquid plastic", you ask? The Mittster self-molds his policy beliefs and his political philosophy to fit the requirements of the hour. He pours himself into whatever seems popular at the moment.



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