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LittleJohn Draws A Primary Opponent

By The Reverend Published: January 3, 2014

On Tuesday, January 7, 2014, state conservative TEA Party leader Ted Stevenot will make a major announcement concerning his Republican candidacy for Ohio governor. Stevenot, (is) a past president of the Ohio Liberty Coalition and a business owner from the Cincinnati area,.....

Unless something changes by Tuesday, it appears that Little-John Kasich, current GOP governor of Ohio, will face a Tea Party primary challenge from Mr. Stevenot.

As of December 11th, Tea Party favorability numbers looked like this.....Only 10 percent of Democrats and 29 percent of independents hold a favorable view. Fifty-eight percent of Republicans view the Tea Party favorably;....

But Tea Party folks is weird. They don't care if no one wants to vote for them....which seems weird enough in itself.....all they care about is guaranteeing that no poor Ohio folk gain access to health insurance through the Medicaid expansion provision in Obamacare. Quite a values-based group.

Readers know that I don't have any love for LittleJohn Kasich, the guy who signed SB5 into law, at least temporarily,.....the guy who signed radical anti-women, anti-science bills into law, the guy who agreed to defund Planned Parenthood in Ohio, the guy who formed his own secretive JobsOhio program, denying Ohioans any right to look at the books.

But Kasich.....playing a calculated game of good Republican-bad Republican....had enough sense to know that Buckeye state voters would not take too kindly to denying 275,000 poor working Ohioans access to expanded Medicaid. Additionally, Kasich realized that turning down billions in free federal money was a variation on cutting off one's nose to spite one's face. Kasich circumvented an, apparently, Tea Party owned state legislature, and found a way to accept Medicaid expansion monies in the state.....for which he is being sued by Tea conservatives in the state.

Yes, Ohio Tea members want to prevent over a quarter million poor Ohio workers from gaining access to Medicaid coverage. And that is why Ted Stevenot is running against Kasich in the Ohio GOP primary for governor. Here's Stevenot's platform....

Stevenot is a leader of that opposition, arguing that enrolling more people in Medicaid will add to the national debt, undermine the free market, and result in a government takeover. In a March 2013 letter to supporters, Stevenot also claimed that expanding eligibility would add more Democrats to the voting rolls and “turn Ohio into an irrevocably ‘blue’ state.”

Stevenot's objections to expanding Medicaid are the same one's made by southern state governors who, in all, have purposely kept 5 million working Americans from gaining access to health care coverage through the program. But take note of what the Tea Partier told supporters about expanding Medicaid.....

If Ohio Teas didn't prevent those quarter million poor Ohio workers from gaining access to health coverage through Medicaid, then Ohio would "turn into an irrevocably blue state." That's some perverted politics.

The "thinking" here is the same as Mitt Romney's. You remember. 47% of Americans are just too lazy to take responsibility for their own lives and simply want to be dependent on Santa Government while they're getting high and playing video games. So, Ted Sevenot has concluded that if a GOP governor implements Medicaid expansion in the state of Ohio, those quarter million new working poor, Medicaid enrollees will instantly become dependent zombie Democratic voters helping to turn the Buckeye state "irrevocably" blue.

Excuse me for saying this.....but Ted Stevenot doesn't seem too bright. But then, the Liberty Coalition is Tom Zawistowski's, do the math.

I have some advice for Ted Stevenot. Don't limit your attacks on Ohioans to only the working poor. Go after the dependent geezers....and Ohio children.....yeah, the children too. You see Ted, with those Medicare cards and those monthly Social Security checks, there's a danger that parasitical and dependent geezers will "turn the state irrevocably blue".....because well....those Ohio geezers refuse to take personal responsibility for their own lives, choosing instead to rely on the Medicare Santa and SS Santa.

And school-age Ohio children? Don't get me started. All those free books, not to mention those free lunches and bus rides....will only lead those little parasites to grow up to be big 47%-style hammock dwellers and Democratic-voting "takers."

Then there are the food stamp parasites, the unemployment lazies, and...and...teachers...don't forget public school teachers.....overpaid babysitters sucking off Ohio's governmental teat who all belong to communist organizations that they, slyly, call unions.

No...Ted Stevenot shouldn't only target poor working Ohioans for punishment in order to prevent the state from turning blue. The way to beat the parasite-loving LittleJohn Kasich and prevent Ohio from embracing Democrats in the future is to target all Ohioans for punishment....except for our state's wealthy few.

Just like the Santa Claus Kochs have instructed the Teas to do.



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