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LittleJohn Is Worried

By The Reverend Published: October 5, 2011

LittleJohn Kasich is running a bit scared these days, and rightfully so. The ex-Fox, ex-Lehman Bros. employee was in Akron Tuesday to rally support for his signature union-and-Democrat destroying bill, SB5.

One issue still up in the air involves Senate Bill 5, a controversial effort that would make significant changes to Ohio law governing public workers. Opponents were successful in getting the issue on the November ballot and voters will decide whether to endorse or reject it, now known as Issue 2.

Kasich called it a matter of “taxpayer fairness” and said that public employees need to pay their fair share toward their health care and guaranteed pensions. He urged voters to read the bill and not be misled into thinking that the issue is an attack on blue-collar workers.

"Taxpayer fairness." Kasich is fibbing, of course. SB5 has never been about fairness....or even about balancing Ohio's state budget. SB5, as Mr. Executive Director of the Portage County TEA Party, Tom Zawistowski, made clear in yesterday's blog, is about damaging the Democratic Party. Wreck the public sector unions by eliminating collective bargaining rights for public employees.....wreck the Democratic Party. That's what SB5 is about.....not about "taxpayer fairness."

But since LittleJohn brought it up, let's analyze what he thinks is taxpayer fairness. Effective January 1, 2013, Ohio will no longer have an estate tax. That's because LittleJohn Fairness thinks it's "fair" to give the richest .01% of Ohioans a tax break....

11,542,645 2009 Population estimate for the State of Ohio
110,000 # of persons effected by estate tax 2009, or 0.01%

To LittleJohn Kasich, "taxpayer fairness" is when public unions, who represent average working class Ohioans, have their collective bargaining and binding arbitration rights...eliminated....because public employees don't pay enough for their health care. At the same time....the wealthiest .01% of Ohioans are entitled to a big estate tax break. That's LittleJohn's view of "taxpayer fairness."

Private sector workers would love to pay a nominal amount or nothing toward their health care and receive a guaranteed pension, he said.

I see this silly comparison being made more often lately. This is a way for those who are servants of the wealthy to coax average working class Ohioans to look negatively at public employees. Benefit envy, I'd call it. LittleJohn explains that non-union, private sector employees are looking at the health benefit package of public employees.....and are outraged that they don't get the same health care benefits as public employees.

My response to that? Poppy-freaking-cock.

Do you know what kind of health care benefit package private sector workers would really like to have? The health care benefits that the corporate brass and the CEO where they work receive. Do you know what kind of pension plan benefit package private sector workers would really like to have? The same one that the "golden parachuting", stock option accumulating, CEO and top executive lackeys where they work receive.

Talk about waging class warfare. Kasich and his Kronies in the TEAs are purposely pitting average working Ohioans against average working Americans. Why? To distract Ohioans away from the real war going on. That war pits the top 2% against the rest of us. And by the way, that's what Occupy Wall Street is essentially all about.

Now to the sickening part. Hold your nose....

“Everyone should join in and sacrifice,” the governor said. “That’s how you build a happier family. And a more solid community. And a more solid state.”

Shared sacrifice. Don't you just love it? "Shared sacrifice", to LittleJohn One Term, is making teachers, firefighters, police, road workers, nursing home workers,....public more for benefits. "Shared sacrifice", to LittleJohn-"that cop's an idiot"-Kasich, is stripping teachers, firefighters, EMTs, police, road workers, nursing home workers....public employees....of their collective bargaining rights.
But "shared sacrifice", according to Ohio's diminutive governor, for the state's top a big, juicy estate tax holiday.

I hope the awful "sacrifice" of the top .01% doesn't crush the poor dears.

LittleJohn Kasich was in Akron yesterday because his approval ratings after SB5 are in the sewer. Kasich was in Akron yesterday because his signature legislation working with the Ohio TEAs to eliminate public employee unions is about to be rejected emphatically by Ohio voters come November 8.

Naturally, faced with such a predicament, Kasich rolled out the manure spreader of desperation. SB5 is not about paying a "fair share", whateverthehell that would be. SB5 is not about "shared sacrifice", just go ask the top .01% what they are sacrificing. Instead, SB5 is a union busting, Democratic Party-starving political plan to reinforce Republican Party control of Ohio.

Vote No on Issue 2.....and remind all of your friends to do the same.



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