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Looking Ahead

By The Reverend Published: October 5, 2010

I've been thinking for quite awhile now about what happens after the midterm election. I think that looking ahead and analyzing the several possible outcomes can help focus the mind BEFORE entering the voting booth November 2nd.

1- Republicans take the House AND the Senate.

I rate this outcome as a very long, longshot. But what if it happened?
Republicans in the House, like Darrel Issa (R-CA) and Jim Sensenbrenner (R-WI), have already told Americans what they intend to do in the House. They will lead a non-stop investigation into everything Obama has ever had anything to do, or not do, effect, making the 90's Clinton witchhunt look like kids playing.

The impeachment of President Obama will most definitely be front and center "on the table."

It is also more than likely if outcome number one is the...ummm....outcome, that there will be an attempt to shut down the government altogether, ala Newton Gingrich. Once again, Republicans are not being shy about telling us ahead of time about their intention to shut it down.

If the GOP controls the majority in both chambers after the midterm, the centrist and bipartisan President Obama will more than likely work with the Party of F*ck No to move the nation, stuck axle deep in the slimy mud of neo-conservative foreign policy and supply side voodoo economics.....further to the right, in some respects retracing the Clinton years.

It goes without saying that outcome number one will be disastrous for Americans hoping for a government which actually functions for the sake of it's citizens.

2) Republicans take the House and Democrats retain the Senate.

At this point, less than 4 weeks out, this may be the most likely outcome. Under this scenario, House Republicans will, indeed, immediately begin investigating President Obama.....simply for the Fox sideshow effect which conservatives are hoping will fatally damage Obama's chances for re-election in 2012. With outcome number 2, the shut-down-the-government chances will probably be around 50-50. For sure, nothing will be passed legislatively which will help address the problems facing average Americans.

3) The Democrats hold their majorities in both the House and Senate.

Also a long shot....but not as long of a long shot as outcome number 1. Because my motto is always..."more and better Democrats".....this is the outcome I would prefer. With this outcome,.....narrower Democratic majorities,.....Republicans would actually increase their ability to obstruct everything that moves, enabling them to set new, new filibuster records in the next Congress. Gridlock will be on steroids.

However, I have another scenario I want to run by you involving outcome number 3. A darker scenario.

We've already witnessed the new-and-improved craziness of today's conservatives-on-Tea-Party-crack. Angry, they are. If Democrats hold both houses of Congress, these political crackheads will be angrier still. With no serious presidential candidate for 2012 anywhere on the horizon, and having already shot their Fox-wads, as it were.......what will be left for the Angry Party?

Could it be those "second amendment remedies" that Nevada's Tea Party Crackpipe Smoker, Sharron Angle, has referred to? What might happen when disappointed and discouraged, yet still extremely angry, conservatives put down their "We came unarmed, this time" signs.....and start picking up their guns, instead?

Some may dismiss this as liberal hyperbole to scare voters into voting for Democrats in November.....but it isn't. Please, by all means, vote your conscience.

However, as a forewarning, I would suggest that what we've seen from the right, recently, is nothing less than a kind of Keystone Kops attempt at renewing the old Confederacy. From Arizona's new unconstitutional immigration law to the multiple-red state legal challenges to the new health care reform the disgusting bashing of American Muslims......what has the Tea Party right been trying to tell us?

They have been telling us that if Democrats control the federal government, conservatives and conservative states don't have to obey federal laws that they don't like. Under this Tea Party paradigm, "Don't Tread on Me" flags simply translate into "we will resist you by all means" actions. Do you think all the gun-buying records set during Obama's campaign and election were because of clearance sales?

Isn't that the same spirit that motivated the domestic-terrorists of the old Confederacy? In the 1860's, the most dangerous domestic terrorists the country has ever faced, the Confederacy, rebelled against the United States federal government. Their cause was unjust, their leaders treasonous, their political beliefs bankrupt and divisive. Their message then, their battle cry then, was the same as today's Tea Partiers.....we will not obey the laws of the federal government....we reject those laws out of hand.

Even though outcome number 3 is pregnant with the potential of civil unrest, it is the only outcome which has a chance of reviving our declining nation in the forseeable future.

Gird your loins and be brave. Vote for the Democrats.



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