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Looking Back To Look Forward

By The Reverend Published: June 11, 2008

The Reverend has been quite busy....summertime I'm sure everyone else has been. I thought this would be a good time for a review of the just completed warm-up Knee Pad Media act leading up to the feature Knee Pad Media act in the general election campaign.

Knee Pad Media, which includes the Brokeback Beacon Journal, haven't quite settled on which groove they'll play to try to help elect John McCain to the third term of George W. Bush in November. Brokeback seems to have adopted the policy of simply not printing Barack Obama's name. If a candidate is never mentioned or written about, is he really a candidate? That seems to be Brokeback's way forward.

The corporate Knee Padders have been tinkering with one specific centrist-right bullsh?t launcher. The two word phrase, "Hillary Democrats". Knee Pad Media members have that freakish gleam in their eye again as they speak of Barack Obama's "problem" with "Hillary Democrats".

Early on, main media's job, and they enthusiastically chose to accept it, was to belittle and do damage to the Democratic front runner at the time....Hillary Clinton. The very serious, experienced and trained corporate media whores focused on the galactically important aspects of Hillary's person, cleavage and cackling laughter....and asked many wise and intellectual questions about Hillary. Like Chris Matthews', of MSNBC's Hardball, question, "will Hillary kill Obama while he's still in his crib". Lofty and high minded questions like that one.

As Obama took the primary lead, main whoredom media had to adjust. When some of the Knee Padders, themselves, fell under the spell of Rush Limbaugh's "Magic Negro"....emergency race baiting plans were unfurled. The Rev. Wright 30 second video extravaganza came next, followed, despicably, by the primary exit polling megaphone practice of pitting blacks againt whites in every conceivable combination.

As it became more and more apparent that Obama had the numbers to take the primary....those, calling themselves journalists, sought out every potential set of perfect storm circumstances that could, even remotely, appear to be a way for Hillary to make a comeback. The last 6 weeks of Democratic primary coverage was almost exclusively dedicated to finding an answer for the question, "how can Hillary win this thing?"

The moment Obama gathered enough pledged delegates to earn the Democratic nomination, Main Suck-Job Media, instead of focusing primarily on Barack Obama, you know, the winner.... for one solid week now, has focused on two questions,....why Hillary should be Obama's vice-presidential running mate....and....more deep retrospective bullsh?t about "why Hillary lost."

None of this has been by accident.

The Knee Pad way forward to November is now beginning to take shape. Front and center for those shilling for the establishment, in hopes of ushering in a third term of giveaways to those who deserve them....the most wealthy and the Knee Pad coined phrase, "Hillary Democrats". Even though just about the same percentage of Democratic primary voters went on to vote for Commander Guy in 2004 as have stated they would vote for McCain in the general this year, rather than Obama, .......this situation is being hailed as a death knell for Obama's hopes of gaining the presidency.

It's all a heaping, steaming pile of bullsh?t.

Often I have stated that the establishment only fears an Obama presidency. The status quo lovers would have been perfectly pleased with a Hillary presidency, and over the summer, these same advocates for the powerful will repeat, endlessly, how "mavericky" and "straight talkery" John McCain is.....despite the numerous contortionist flip-flopping acts he's performed live and on stage.....despite McCain's continued death-metally, cheerleading for already-failed polices at home and abroad.

Those who still slobber all over GOP war criminals and GOP multiple felons have a job to do this summer. It's their job to drive a wedge, even an illusory one, between potential Democratic voters, in hopes of helping elect McBush this fall. That's why we'll hear more from these miserable and deceptive creatures about the loser of the Democratic primary, Hillary Clinton, than we will the winner, Barack Obama.

Barack Obama, all things being equal, will overwhelm the 71 year old muddled man who now takes both sides of virtually any policy point. However, with all those Knee Padders kneeling before the old codger who still wants to correct the Vietnam Iraq.....all things won't be equal.

Defeating a confused more-of-the-samer isn't the biggest problem for Obama. Obama's largest challenge will be defeating all the Knee Pad Media bloviators intent on re-electing another Bush. They are legion.

It's all so extremely pathetic.....but at the same's all so predictable.



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