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Losing The Future

By The Reverend Published: March 8, 2011

Imagine every K-12 school throughout America as a Wal-Mart School. Privatized, for profit education for all of America's children. Big box store education. With profits as the core reason for long would it be before parents were taking out state and federal loans, from for-profit banks naturally, to finance their child's high school education? Why limit debt enslavement to college graduates?

How about interstate highways? Imagine paying a toll every time you jumped on Interstate 77. Every time. Privatized, for profit, interstate highway systems where tolls had to be raised constantly to guarantee ongoing profits for highway owners and their investors. Imagine the quality we would all enjoy if interstate highways were all privatized.

And there would be no reason to limit privatized roadways to interstates. How great would it be if every time you pulled out of your driveway and merged onto a township, county or state roadway you had to stop at a toll booth? Hey, all those new toll booths would generate new jobs, right?

During lean times, the quality of those highways would deteriorate. Costs would have to be cut in order to maintain, or increase, profits.....much as potato chip makers reduce the size of their product....yet charge the same price.

These once-public services could no longer be regulated because regulation infringes on the free market's ability to make more profits. And as we have been taught recently, there is no higher objective in the galaxy than making profits. In Profits We Trust.

Then after pondering an America where schools and highways are, you know, profit your mind to the new reality. Paradise, if you will. For-profit state and national parks, the more popular ones turned into Disneyworlds with exorbitant entry fees....the less popular ones turned into unmaintained hellholes. For-profit libraries where renting books and DVD's is no longer free. For-profit police and fire departments....where if you miss your payment your house is allowed to burn down or if your check bounced you simply die of that heart attack. For-profit national guards....perhaps run by patriots like Blackwater (XE). A for-profit Veterans Administration.....which continually cuts medical services for veterans in order to properly raise profits for their share holders.

What I have described is the end game for today's radical conservative right. Today's radical right have sold their souls in a blood oath to never raise taxes, ever. Without the ability to raise taxes when tax revenues plunge....the only solution remaining is to cut spending. What better way to cut spending than to privatize everything? Take the government completely out of the picture.

And think.....what better way could there be to cut a bloated government than to privatize elected officials? Think about it. A for-profit House of Representatives. A for-profit Senate. A true CEO presidency.

Campaigning would be a breeze. A would-be candidate could be openly sponsored by a corporation or a business using unlimited funds....and if elected, would work in office to increase the bottom line of the corporation or business which sponsored him/her. Some say that's how it works now...others say that's what the Framers intended.

It is crystal clear to me that today's radical conservatives can turn our once-great nation into El Salvador in a generation or two. A country where outside the protected conclaves of the oligarchs, the serfs die in road ditches like road kill. A country where all burdens must be borne by the poor for the sake of the very rich. A country where millions would be left to live in squalor....all because taxes could never be raised on the weathiest.

I realize that many will simply digest what I'm saying as another hyperbolic attack on freedom, liberty or some other such patriotic notion.....or attribute it to some hypnotic socialistic spell that I'm under.....whatever.

However, with unionized workers prohibited and dwindling.....with wealth disparity gaps increasing to staggering levels....with average worker givebacks an epidemic....with blood oaths prohibiting tax increases.....with unlimited corporate cash in campaigns....with a mounting consensus to privatize all things government.....tell do you see the America of the future?



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