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"Low Information Voters"

By The Reverend Published: March 2, 2013

As I've mentioned here before, conservatives and Republicans who voted for Romney/Ryan last November with the full expectations that Romney would win have had a rough go of it the last few months. Disoriented.....would be a good descriptor.

Going into election day, these conservative voters had relied almost solely on Fox, Drudge, and sites like Breitbart and Redstate for their latest election and political information. So much so, that Nate Silver's bullseye-accurate, algorithmic-based predictions were openly mocked and ridiculed in the last couple weeks of the 2012 campaign.

MSNBC's Joe Scarborough, Nov.1, 2012....

“Anybody that thinks that this race is anything but a tossup right now is such an ideologue, they should be kept away from typewriters, computers, laptops and microphones for the next 10 days, because they’re jokes.”

Far from the NY Times statistician being a "joke" in his calculations, Silver came within an Ace of Spades of perfection in his 2012 electoral projections, just as he had done in 2008.

I raise this silly Scarborough/Silver non-issue to introduce something else.

"Low-information voters."

Alongside loser Mitt Romney's explanation of why he lost to Obama, i.e., Obama promised "gifts" like Santa....came Mr. Rush Limbaugh's explanation of why Republicans not only lost their 5th presidential popular vote in the last 6 elections, but also lost ground in the Senate when the early consensus was that they would gain seats, perhaps even take the Chamber. And all of that coming with national unemployment at 8%.

"Low information voters." The day after the election Limbaugh began using this new phrase-of-choice to explain why Obama had won re-election. If you are a Dittohead, you know that "low information voters" has now become a fixture on the former drug addict's radio show.

One must admire the audacity, the ballseyness, of a person who daily pours lies and deceptions over his listening audience thicker than pouring syrup on morning hotcakes, openly misleading his listeners on virtually every story he mentions....and at the same time, calling those who voted for Obama and Democrats, "low information voters."

Wherever there is a Fox radio station in this land, there you will find Rush Limbaugh's radio show. Regular consumers of Fox News radio and teevee have been shown to be the least informed when it comes to news stories...less informed than consumers of any other news outlet.....including people who do not even consume radio or teevee news. Fox News, by their own admission, is but a GOP communications channel.....which means that the GOP-voting audiences regularly consuming Fox news are the authentic "low information voters."

This all makes perfect sense if you understand the way conservative talkers are addicted to projection. Projection is attributing to others the very weaknesses or faults, you, yourself are guilty of exhibiting.

ElRushbo, himself, the day before the 2012 election.....the same guy who a day later accused those who re-elected Obama of being "low information voters".......

"Everything - except the polls - points to a Romney landslide."

Poll averaging over the entire year of 2012 NEVER ONCE showed Romney leading over Obama. Not once. I know this because I followed those polls....every day. You might think those polls would make a guy like Rush pause before predicting a Romney "landslide." But it didn't. Polling, as faulty as it might be at times, is scientifically based. Random sampling averaged out over time painting an accurate picture of what to expect.

When Rush used the word "everything"......he was talking about subjective feelings, emotions, conservative group-think, hope, wishful thinking, and the in-my-gut assurance that is the most unreliable source of all, if accuracy is the goal. In other words, Rush, himself, acknowledged that he was a "low information voter", depending on his own gut and his own "common sense" to inform him of Romney's impending "landslide" IN SPITE of clear "information" consistently predicting just the opposite.

The "information" available leading up to the election wasn't hidden or hard to find. Every day, Nate Silver's science-based election predictions were posted at the NY Times online site, and Silver's accurate projections were not an island. Many other non-partisan pollsters posted similar election projections and did so regularly.

Now, here's the kicker. Silver's accuracy and Rush's own no-information-based "Romney landslide" hoot was translated after the election by Limbaugh into 'Romney lost because low-information voters voted for Obama.'

It doesn't get any richer than that.

And the daily radio deceiver knew it at the time.....warning on election eve....

"You know, I could be proven tonight to be so wrong and so all wet that nobody should be listening to me."

Limbaugh WAS proven to be "so wrong" 24 hours later....and yes, no one SHOULD ever again listen to the low-to-no-to-false-information-spewing talker ever again...unless you do so for a few laughs, as I do when I listen.  Sadly, those who take him seriously, even those who can't quite decipher the radio talkers lies, have been, and are today, suckers.....who have, unfortunately, proven over and over again to be the genuine "low-information voters."

It really takes a special brand of projectionist assh*le to consistently condemn others for the very negative attributes you, yourself, exhibit hourly.

"On loan from god" or not......Limbaugh may be King, but only of Low Information Media.



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