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By The Reverend Published: November 6, 2009

Liberal ideas...truly liberal ideas.....are rarely ever considered by Congress. The reason is that liberal ideas, somehow, are never worthy enough to be called American....even though the strength and character of America was built primarily on liberal ideas.

Take, for example, the liberal idea on health care reform. The liberal idea on health care reform is single-payer government run health care. Single-payer is the most cost efficient and most fair way to deal with health care for all Americans. Because that is the case, it can never be considered. The liberal idea of single-payer was NEVER entertained by any health care reform congressional committees. When citizen attendees at congressional health reform committee meetings stood and requested single-payer representation.....they were arrested.

Whenever this very apparent dynamic is raised in earshot of Villagers, however, Villagers only smirk and say that Obama and Congress are doing the right thing by not caving in to those liberal loons. To the mainstream media "thinkers"....and this has been true forever....the worst thing a Democratic president can do is consider truly liberal ideas, take them seriously. If a Democratic president seriously considers truly liberal ideas....then that president is caving to the lefty loons. For the Village, the very worstest action a Democratic president can take to, god forbid, champion truly liberal ideas.

Out of that dyamic of total nonsense comes the often-repeated, 'the new Democratic president must move away from his "leftist" base'.....'the new Dem president must move towards the center to be effective...yada, yada'....'the president's biggest danger is in caving to his radical left.'

Having said all of that.....just think about how the Villagers would have responded if Democratic congressional leaders spoke in front of a far-leftist group of protesters favoring single-payer. What if Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, Steny Hoyer encouraged a group of far-left liberals to gather in front of the Capital steps? What if those Democratic leaders each stepped to the microphone and cheered the far-left, single-payer crowd on...telling them to be of good cheer because the far-left liberal cause of single-payer will win the day?

What if single payer protesters held big banners depicting the Republican plan for health care as comparable to Dachau, Germany concentration camps?

What if the Democratic National Committee chairman, Tim Kaine, told all non-single-payer favoring Democratic representatives that if they voted against single-payer, the DNC will "come after them?" What if the DNC chairman went on to tell the single-payer protesters, "we want to partner as much as possible with you?"

What if "far-leftist", Dennis Kucinich, had communist-interest groups bus in 4000 protesters to rally in front of the Capital steps for single-payer....AND Democratic leaders, Pelosi, Hoyer, etc. spoke to the tiny crowd in support of their cause?

Wouldn't the Villagers, mainstream media, be telling us today that the Democratic Party had gone over the far-left edge....that the Democratic Party had now become totally unhinged....that the Democratic Party had now been taken over by dangerous radicals?

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Instead of reporting on the extremely radical nature of the players and the crazed message of yesterday's astro-turf-organized, Michelle Bachmann-led, protest in front of the Capital steps...the "liberal" N.Y.Times treated the event with respect and dignity.

Here's the best the Washington Post's Dana Milbank, ever the narcissistic wanker, could come up with....

"But this protest was unusual because it was an official House GOP event, and because some of the remarks on the stage were as outrageous as those in the crowd."

Ya' think...Dana?

In a non-dysfuntional free nation, main national media would, still today, be reporting on the insanity, the crazed hysteria of the current GOP-TeaPartier alliance. In a dysfunctional free nation, like the U.S., such a mindnumbingly, ignorant, and potentially dangerous union of extremists and political leaders is only worthy of microscopic analysis and disdain if that union is made up of Democrats. headline: Bachmann shines among grassroots conservatives

"But if you need evidence of where the political energy and excitement has gone, one year since Grant Park, a lunchtime midday rally in Washington isn't a bad place to start.

(Try to imagine the old Obama campaign army pulling off something roughly comparable in as short a time, with as little formal planning -- or even with spreadsheets and call lists and marching orders, for that matter.)"

4000 folks bussed in at the expense of Americans For Prosperity is "where the political energy and excitement has gone." headline: Anger Fuels Anti-Health Care Rally

Instead of pointing out the demented and potentially dangerous alliance, "outed" yesterday in a noontime wingnut-fest with GOP congressional leaders and the TeaBaggers.....the new offical alliance was either treated as a ho-hum story or an alliance worthy of serious respect and consideration.

The Republican Party is now, officially, the Party of the Wingnut TeaBaggers. Media response...."Yawn."



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