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Making Lists

By The Reverend Published: October 26, 2007

These guys kept watch lists too....for America's safety.

Everything old is new again.

Bush and Cheney are keeping us safe. Here's how they are doing it.....I mean besides invading and occupying a country that didn't have any of them there ter'rists in it, and emptying the U.S. Treasury.....


The number of terror watch-list records [1] more than quadrupled over roughly a three-year period:

June 2004 158,374
May 2005 287,982
June 2006 515,906
May 2007 754,960

[1]: One record reflects one name but not necessarily one person.

Source: Julie Snider, USA TODAY; Government Accountability Office

You see here that when GOP chicken

sh*ts hawks go about protecting Americans....they get real busy making lists. They get busy attacking countries that pose no threat to us and....they make lists. Lists of names.

Just, you know, poking fun and all....but I have a name to add to the list. I know it's probably already on Commander Guy and the Dick's "watch list" but, for some reason I keep "watching" this guy on my teevee. It's like he has his own teevee show now, despite the fact that surely his name is on the terrorist watch list. You know, along with the 754,959 others.

What's the guy's name? Osama Bin Laden.

I'll keep "watching" for him.

Has it occurred to you that the people saying they are keeping us safe are actually.....f**king morons?



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